Hey kid, upset about your growing boobs? Don’t overwhelm yourself with guilt of having grown up this soon. Chill and start thinking about your very first bra .

You intend to avoid eye contact with your own chest on the mirror. You are pretty upset by the way the neighbor aunt (and her long, grown-up son standing behind her) gazes at your blouse. You envy your male counterparts and the ‘not-so-big’ girls of your class. (After all you simply don’t know what the boys are undergoing since their biological changes are not as apparent as young girls)


Hey common, you are not alone!

Studies reveal that your breasts start growing approximately two and a half years before you strike puberty. Once they start growing, you will start feeling that something is filling your t-shirt. They will be pretty tender at the beginning and will start becoming heavy. This is something every girl undergoes and you are absolutely not alone.

You are not alone!

The pencil test

Position a pencil between the breast and the chest. If the pencil stays put, you need a bra.This is the ideal time you can start thinking of wearing bra.

pencil test

Advantages of wearing bra

Bra reduces the risk of breast sagging. Since the muscles of breast are tender it is always advisable to support them with bras. Rather, you feel comfortable in moving around and absolutely confident while kicking basket ball. (Yes girl, you are no way behind your brother in sports!) Wearing bras help supporting your spine and reduces the risk of back pain on a long run.

First step to go – Mamma your best pal.

Tell Mamma that you want to go for this sweet piece of fabric and dump your queries. Remember, your Mom knows you the best because you are her little angel and she has came all through the same route.

Inform to mumma

Now get ready for an online shopping. A visual treat of colors, trends and models awaits you online with a promise of offering the best of lingerie on earth. This new piece of lingerie is gonna enter your life by asking your size.

Size? What’s that?

Yes baby, you need to be sure about your tiny boobs’ size. That’s no hard. This simple measurement technique barely takes a couple of minutes. Shyaway supports you with bra size calculator. Beginner’s bra usually starts from the size 28 to 32, cup size generally being B. Don’t panic; you are no different even if your measurement falls apart.

Now you are on board. You can start your sail with a pair of plain white or nude colors because it is simply unscrupulous to go for printed or the sexy ones. Go for soft, cotton bras. Teenage bra, crop top bra, soft bra, racer bra, small size bra is all yours!

size what's that

Yes, Shyaway helps you shop your first set of tiny secret from the comfort touch of your Mamma’s ringlet. Shyaway has a vast array of branded, high quality, moderately priced bras.
Now you are relaxed, aren’t you?