It is now only in the past one year that lingerie manufacturing companies have dawned on the fact that a large chunk of their profits are also coming from selling Plus sized lingerie. The lifestyle today is really to blame from the shift in size from regular to plus sizes. The fashion and lingerie industry still haven’t accepted the fact that plus size is now a ‘must-have’ size while they generate stock for sales.

Here are wishes that every plus sized woman has this 2016 about the lingerie industry :

1. All brands need to introduce plus sizes

Currently there are only a few brands that craft plus size lingerie. The lingerie brands need to realize that they are leaving out a lot of women customers in the market who don’t fit into the small sizes that they manufacture. The brands producing stuff for plus sized women and their collections for them is fairly less. With more women to cater to, these companies should not have any more excuses.

2. Marketing campaigns need to treat plus size women like average woman

There are very few marketing campaigns in the first place showcasing plus sized lingerie in India. And even if they do have ads they treat the models like porcelain figurines. They don’t give the feel that the lingerie is nice enough to  want to relax it. Another point to be noted is that not all plus sized women look for shapewear as some are perfectly content in their own skin.

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3. Designers to extend and produce plus sizes are part of their regular collections

There are already a few lingerie designers and Brands that offer plus size lingerie as part of their collections. But it just isn’t enough looking at the demand.

Designers to extend and produce plus sizes

4. Brands should stop treating plus size as abnormal

Plus size women are treated as something abnormal though the fact is that they have shifted from being a minority customer base to a one that is more sizable in terms of number of women and even buying power.


Plus size women would love to see these changes in 2016. Let us see how far they get their wishes fulfilled.