A robe is something that all women should possess. They serve all sorts of purposes from lounging at home, modesty when you suddenly have visitors or even when you want to feel your sexy best. Robes serve both as functional and decorative garments. It depends on how you want to use them. There is something special about this garment that brings out a gush of femininity when it envelops you in its folds.

You can wear them in varied fabrics ranging from cotton, silk, rayon, lace and even terry cotton. Since robes are worn only at home they are exposed too much wear and tear and therefore need not be replaced very often. Such being said, it might be a good reason to therefore go in for a robe that is luxurious and will be you all your life.

No matter how fat or thin you are, the robe you buy will always fit you. Here are the types of robes described to help you choose the perfect one in your wardrobe:

1) Classic Old Age Robes – Silk

Classic robesThese are the robes that have been used for generations by women all across the globe. Silk the most natural and gentle fabric that you can get.

It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Of course the care that goes into it is more than other fabrics. You will need to dry clean them.

If you fall into the lazy bones category then you can go in for other fabrics like rayon or polyester that give the same look and feel as that of silk. You can choose them in the length of your choice and use them around the house and feel like a queen.

2) Lace and Sheer Robes

Lace and sheer robes

Nothing expresses femininity better than lace and sheer fabric. Somehow when the fabric increases and skin is not completely shown the temperature in the bedroom rises faster.

You get robes made entirely of lace or you can get them in a combination of sheer fabric and lace.

The use of these robes is generally restricted for use in the bedroom and serves only the purpose of feeling sexy and of course to seduce and attract your partner to heighten the romance between you. Not practical to use in the winter months unless its layered with camisoles or slips.

3) Warmers – Winter robes

Winter robesWhen the cold winter sets in so does the laziness to get out of bed. Buy yourself a luxurious robe of the warmest and most beautiful fabric that lures you out of bed.

Ideal fabrics would be wool, cashmere (the luxury category), blended and other synthetic fabrics. The fabric of the robe again depends on what you choose to wear underneath it.

4) Printed, embroidered and textured robes

Printed textured robe


You won’t find many of these robes in the market. But if you are looking for something different to lounge in then this is the one. You can choose between different textures, patterns, trims and more…



5) Bridal Robes

Bridal robes

A special occasion calls for special outfits. The bride has to look her best on the day. A robe is used to wrap her up while she is getting ready for her big day.

The bride should never buy poorly constructed ones of cheap fabrics as they don’t photograph well. Buy a robe that you can use again and not just on your wedding day, unless you have that much cash to spare.

Most brides go in for the classic bridal robes in white or cream, while the bold brides are not afraid to experiment with prints and nontraditional colors.

6) Bath Robes – Terry

Bath robe


These robes are used for trips to and fro to the bathroom. They come in toweling, terry cotton or other absorbent fabrics so as to absorb any form of moisture. They are ideal when you use a bathroom that is not attached to your bedroom.



So which robe do you want to wrap around those shoulders of yours?