Our inner garments or Panty are revealed to no one but ourselves and of course our husbands and maybe lucky boyfriends. We of course know what lingerie we love to wear. If I’m sure you would love to read the mind of your man.

Men are not as vocal as women. They seldom share their opinion, so it might be hard to get them to express what they would love to see you in bed with. Recently ‘Men’s Health’ had a survey and this is what men had to say about your undies.

Here are the different styles in order of their preference :

1) Boy Shorts (40%)

Boy shorts

Most of the men who were polled said that they found their women most sexy looking in a pair of boy-shorts. They offer full coverage, are comfortable and look sexy too. All you women out there can be happy about this preference of the opposite sex.

2) Thongs (34%)

ThongsMen love it when they see an exposed butt. They might not be so comfortable but it will get the temperatures soaring in the bedroom.

3) G-String (13%)

G-stringThis exposes more of you as compared to a thong. The best part is that women do not have to endure the torture of wearing them if their man doesn’t like it. This survey shows just that.

4) Bikini Panties (12%)


Men don’t get to see much with the classic brief. They might not hate it, but they surely don’t love it.

5) Grannies Panties (1%)


As the name also suggests, men would consider this panty as something only their grannies would wear. They do not find it sexy and would definitely not find a woman who wears one as sexy. So if you are looking to seduce your man, it might be a good idea to leave your granny panty at the bottom of your lingerie drawer.

This rating is based on a survey. But if you want to know the real scoop, it might be a good idea to talk to your man and find out which panties he likes to see you in.