Are you surprised to hear that breast come in different shapes? If you can figure out what your bra shape is, it will be easier for you to buy the perfectly Fitted bra. Bras are designed to cater to the natural breast shape of women.

Knowing your own breast shape helps you in identifying the styles that best suits your natural shape. Before I go into the shapes let me tell you that every shape is beautiful even if speckled with imperfections.

Here are the different shapes with the bras that re best suited for the shape :

1. Asymmetric

One breast is larger than the other. Bra best for this shape: Bra with removable pads is ideal for these shaped breasts. Just wear the pad on the side that has the smaller breast to even it out.


2. Bell Shape

These are generally heavy breasts that are narrow on top and fuller towards the bottom. Bra best for this shape: Full coverage styles with thicker shoulder straps to provide better support to the heavy cups.


3. East West

Breasts are normal with only the slant of the bust pointing outwards due to which the nipples face outwards in opposite directions. Bra best for this shape: Push up or t-shirt  bras that give it natural shape and bring the breasts closer.


4. Side Set

Breasts come with a wide gap in between. Nipples point forward and not on the side. Best bra for this shape: Balconette style bra work best as there is more fabric above the cups to conceal the gap between the breasts.


5. Slender

Breasts that is skinny, without too much breast tissue. They are wide on top and narrow at the bottom. Best bra for this shape: Plunge styles that push the breasts together and create a bit of cleavage.


6. Round

Equally round on the top and bottom . Best bra for this shape: Balconette styles that show off your perfect shapely breasts. They can pull off any bra.


7. Tear drop

Bell shaped but with gentle slopes. Can be spotted easily from the sides. Best bra for this shape: Any style that creates a lift. Plunge or push up styles work best as they fill in the shallow top of the breasts.

tear drops

So go figure out which breast shape matches the one you have and shop for your lingerie accordingly.