As much fun as trips are, packing for them is quite confusing. Do you really need your favourite shoes that take up a lot of space? Should you leave out that beautiful dress that you probably won’t use and pack a pair of comfortable T-shirts instead? It’s hard to decide what’s unnecessary and what you need when it comes to these. So we dug a little deeper and made a list of things that you definitely have to take when you pack for a trip. You can thank us later.

Pack your Luggages

Lingerie -

No matter where you’re going, lingerie is a must-have! While packing, you should take as much comfortable lingerie as you can along with a few specials which you might need! These can be kept in a stylish bra bag. Using a bra bag will help you keep your lingerie in place and also occupy lesser space! In case your trip demands you to carry bodycon dresses and other fitting outfits, you can also add a shape wear to the list!

Bra Bag

Outfits -

Now this is a difficult one. The outfits you’ll need for a trip depends fully on the place you’re planning to visit. If you’re planning to go to a summery place, make sure to pack light and loose T-shirts and shorts. On the other hand, if you’re planning to have a fun time in the snow or a hillstation, this will not work out so well for you. You will require plenty of full hands, jackets, gloves, boots and so on depending on the intensity. But no matter where you’re going, you can always jazz your look up a bit by carrying a chic handbag!

Handbag with jeans

Make up –

When you go on a trip, you are going to take plenty of pictures, right? Obviously! Make sure to pack all your make up necessities such as your lipstick, eye liner, foundation etc so you can get many perfect pictures!

MakeUP Things