Everyone has their own underwear style. Some women are a little bold and are ready to sport a variety of styles, while the rest play it safe. Basically underwear is a woman’s sole secret that she shares with no one other than the man in her life. You will never know what kind of underwear a woman wears unless it’s visible through her clothing.

What kind of underwear a woman wears talks a lot about her personality. For example, dainty lace and thong style panties are worn by girls with confidence and go-betters to will get out there and get what they want.

So let’s find out what your underwear style is!



You are a sporty girl . You believe in being upfront about everything. You do not care about your image or how you appear in front of people.

Since it’s your own comfort and style you care about you will always be true to yourself. You are a free spirit and dress for yourself and not to impress anyone.




You are bold and beautiful . You are a hot girl and not afraid to show it. You love to slip on the pants in the relationship and be in control.

You hold your own and are never afraid to speak your mind. You are sexy and take on a man on our own rules. You do not take shit from anyone and a person that people love to surround themselves with. That said! You are the life of the party.



You are a no nonsense person. You do not worry about trivial things and especially matters that do not concern you. You mind you own business. You do your work and do not like to bitch about others or butter up to someone. You prefer clean and basic lines and love to be comfortable 24/7.

You believe that life is to be enjoyed first and worries are not meant to hold you down. You believe in taking life as it comes and wish life was always like a talking a stroll in the park or the Beach sets.


Granny panties

You are the person who is most comfortable with their body. You don’t care a damn about what anyone thinks of you or your tastes.

You are cool and lots of fun, but the sad fact remains that there is no sparks in your love life, else you would dress sexy. You prefer your comfort over anything in the world.

You don’t care much for uncomfortable clothing like skinny jeans or pencil skirts. A loose tee and pajamas is what you’d like to live in always (if you could).


Boxer brief

You are someone who loves to keep to yourself. Climbing the ladder is important to you and so you leave the fun things out in life. You are the person that friends can rely on in need. You are quiet but that doesn’t mean that you are shy.

You prioritize things in your life and don’t care about everything else that doesn’t come in the channel.


You are an easy going, fun loving girl and would rather skip the underwear altogether rather than have an extra piece to wash in the laundry. You believe in keeping things simple and chuck out all complications in life. You believe that life has more to offer and always ready to seek out an adventure.

You are a natural beauty as you are genuine and always full of positive energy that shines through you. So which secret identity are you hiding underneath those clothes?