It is the season of love and I’m sure you’re frantically running all over the place trying to come up with a romantic gift for your lovely lady. If you are single and don’t have a partner, now to worry.

Nowadays you don’t need to have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is now celebrated as a day of love and people who love each other, be it friends, family or sisters find a new reason to express their love for each other.

Express your love with these popular gifting ideas :

1) Lingerie

LingerieGet close and personal with your girl this Valentine’s day by gifting her lingerie. It will be a pleasant surprise for her to find this thoughtful and intimate gift that makes the occasion more memorable and extravagant.

2) Chocolates




Chocolates are one of the traditional gifts of Valentine’s Day. The chocolate is supposed to imply how sweet your girlfriend really is. Nothing can actually beat chocolate as  supposed to be an aphrodisiac so it can very well set the mood for romance. Buy a box of the special wrapped and surprise her.

3) Jewelry

JewelryIf you have a bigger budget then buying your lady love an exquisite piece of jewelry. What you buy all depends on your budget. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. You can choose between pendants, earrings, rings and much more.

4) Love letters

Love letter



If it is only the thought that counts and you don’t believe in the exchange of things that bear monetary value then something like sending each other romantic love note would hold some meaning for the two of you.


5) Perfume

PerfumeThey say that smell is a factor of attraction and memory. You can’t go wrong with this gift as it suggests romance. Buy her favorite brand or if you are buying something new stick to musky and floral scents.

6) Pet




If your loved one is an animal lover then it can be a wonderful idea to gift a kitten or a dog depending on her preferences. You can even gift something low maintenance like a goldfish or a turtle. Surprise her by leaving it in a basket at her doorstep. Her love will just grow by leaps and bounds at this lovely gesture.


7) Flowers

FlowerThis is another traditional Valentine’s Day gifting idea. The color of the flowers denotes the level of the relationship.

For example if it is romance you gift her red roses, yellow for friendship and pink for a crush. You can even send her a bouquet of mixed flowers to send her an interest without overdoing the romance bit.

8) Makeup




You will have to do a lot of research before you buy this gift for her. Find out what brands she likes and what products are on her makeup wish list.


9) Music

MusicMusic is the key to the soul. Gift her a CD of her favorite artist or pick a composition which explains your feelings for her.

She is bound to appreciate this romantic way of expressing your love.

10) Toiletries and bath products

 Bath products


Women love to be pampered and what better way than by gifting her toiletries and bath products. You can gift a basket filled with all these special things. Fill the basket with natural handmade soaps, bath salts, scented shower gels, creams and much more… These products are sure to help her unwind.


11) Books

BooksSome women love the expression of love through words. If your girl is a bookworm then head to the nearest book store and buy a book of her favorite author. If you don’t know then check the best sellers list, you are bound to find an appropriate one from that list.

Be romantic and leave secret love notes for her between the pages or maybe a clue as to where her next gift is hidden. No matter what you gift your loved one, remember that the best gift he or she can get is to know how much he or she loves you.