When it comes to lingerie , women do a lot of research when it comes to bras. They forget that the other undergarment, panties also is an essential part of their everyday wardrobe and also be bought with great care. Nowadays like bras , panty also come in different types. Just because they are worn underneath, doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the basic boring underwear.

Underwear that you use daily should provide proper comfort and support. The basic idea of wearing underwear is to provide support, coverage, shape and also to act as a barrier between your clothes and your body.

Here is a list of the different types of underwear that you can choose from to suit your mood and purpose :



This is the most basic form of underwear and has been used over the years. The waistband sits on the natural waistline and brief  panties provide sample support to the front, waist, rear and sides.

The fact that the waistband lies on the natural waistline is an advantage for those who want to support and cover their belly. They can be boring in nude and single shades and also made exciting in vibrant colors and prints.




Hipsters are a version of underwear that is similar to the briefs.

The waistline lies on the lower hip. It provides good support to the front, sides and rear. The only difference is that the waistline is lower making it ideal to be worn under hipsters and other low rise pants or jeans.




If you are planning to wear an outfit that will make the lines of your underwear visible, then wearing a thong is a good option. It does not provide any support to the rear, and just a little in the front.

It is sexy and does rescue you when all the other underwear shows lines.So unless you are brave enough to go commando, wearing thongs might be your only next best option.

4) Lacy lingerie


Every woman loves to feel sexy.

So underwear made of lace, mesh, satin and silk in skimpy patterns are made to seduce your loved ones and set the mood for the evening . So when you are feeling naughty it might be a good idea to don a pair of sexy lingerie and set the mood on fire.You can complete the look by using a set that comes with matching corset, garter and stockings.


Boy shorts

This is modeled to look like men’s boxers or briefs. The cut of this underwear is such that it resembles shorts with the sides having a low leg cut, thus covering the upper portion of your thigh.

The waistline of this underwear lies on the lower hip and it provides support to the front, rear and sides as well . Due to the low leg cut and appearance of a skimpy short , these panties  can be used to lounge around the house.




Bikini is the most popular form of underwear or panties  for women. It is a little revealing and does not offer much in terms of support.

The cut is such that the waistline lies way below the natural waistline and it fabric also does not support the rear or sides much. This cut comes in a variety of fabrics ranging from cotton, nylon, silk and even lace. So find the fabric that you are most comfortable with.


Shape and support

As the name suggests, this type of underwear is to give you the desired silhouette. It is similar to the brief .

Shape-wear underwear has very strong side, rear and front panels that hold your body in, giving it a seamless and less lumpy look by hiding your bulges and seams. They are not that comfortable and therefore not advisable to wear for daily use.


Waist cincher


People often get mixed up with shapewear and waist cinchers .Let me tell you one thing. BOTH are DIFFERENT. A waist cincher works only on your waist and tummy.

It gives your tummy a more flat and contained look. It does not contain your hips like shape wear.



Plus size

Plus-size underwear is for those who are larger than the average size. This plus-size underwear also comes in different styles to suit your needs and mood.

So if you are on the heavier side there is no need to worry as these plus size undergarments will leave you feeling sexy just like the smaller sized versions of these undergarments.