I have never met a woman who is fully satisfied with her body. They all wish that they could change something. Most of the women in the world wish their bodies look like those actresses that they view on screen. Here comes the role of shapewears . If you cannot sculpt your body, there are ways to make it seem as if your body is slimmer and in shape than it really is. Shapewear is basically an inner garment worn to control or limit the display of bodily features.

Shapewear comes in various levels of controls that differ in terms of how much it provides in terms of compression. For example if you want to suck or tuck in a lot of fat you need to use high level compression shape wear, whereas you can make do with a low compression if you just want to get a streamlined appearance.

Here are some different shape wear popular in the market these days :



Corset is an under garment that promotes an hour glass figure. It is basically a garment that is used to reduce the size of the waist and give the appearance of a thin waistline.





Camisole resembles a slip but it is a shape wear that is designed to hide the most common fat deposit area that is the tummy. It hides your love handles and even your flabby tummy. It is perfect to be worn under skin fitted tops and even dresses than are fitted on top and flared at bottom.


Body suit

Bodysuit is an undergarment that resembles a swimsuit. But trust me it does more than a swim suit will ever do for you. It will cinch your waist and make it look smooth, life your bum and make it look more perky and lift your bosom.

Basically it does everything to make your body from the waist upwards look great. It can be worn under any outfit and most of them come with an integrated underwire due to which you will not need to wear a separate bra.

A bodysuit provides compression at the tummy, midriff, back, making several areas of the body appear smooth and firm giving you the perfect hour glass figure.


Thigh slimmer


Women who suffer from ‘thunder thighs’, a term often used to refer to thighs with a lot of fat that shake with any movement will consider thigh slimmer’s or shaper shorts a life saver.

It serves the purpose of banishing your panty lines, lifting your butt along with toning your thighs. They come in varying lengths. Select the length based on your outfit.


Body slip

If you don’t have the perfect silhouette and are craving to wear a sexy dress then body control dresses will come to your rescue.

A  body slip or body control dress will hold your tummy in; give firmer impression of your breasts, along with giving your thighs a shapely look. It will not make you shrink and drop a size but only hide all the bulges and flab hanging around.




Waist Cinchers are shapewear used to create extra definition to your waist line. It resembles a wide belt that cinches your waist and helps in creating an hour glass figure that is considered sexy by all.

They provide support to the back and also smoothens the tummy. You can choose between closures and styles.


If you are new to shape wear, you might want to start off with a control brief. Control briefs are basically compression panties that provide shape to your butt and tummy. They give the appearance of a slimmer silhouette by holding up all the flab in your waist line neatly. They can be worn under anything.


Arm shapwear

Your butt and belly are not the only areas that require shaping. When you wear full sleeved dresses or tops, Arm shaper will help in giving a toned look to your arms and even lift your shoulders to give you the right posture to carry off your outfit.

So if you want to look control the way you appear to others select the shapewear based on the outfit and the area you wish to conceal.