Women have a lot of choices when it comes to hosiery as they come in different types and styles. A lot of women tend to ignore their hosiery but at the end of the day, your total look depends of it. Be it stockings or leggings , they help in leading that extra finish or oomph to your outfit.

Basically hosiery was invented for women to cover their feet and legs. The length of the covering depends on the look you want to achieve or your comfort. When you go to a store you will be flooded with options, so it’s learn the basics before you shop.

Here are the types of hosiery available :


Tights are often confused with leggings. Tights are never sheer but are made from a fabric thinner and light weight than that of leggings. For that matter tights are meant to be worn under outfits and cannot be worn on their own.

Tights are thus made of fabric that hugs the curves instead of containing it, as the fabric that it is made from does not provide enough support by way of thickness.


These socks or tights have been invented for the sole purpose of providing relief to leg ailments like swelling, pain etc… The strong elastics present in these kinds of socks or stockings help in relieving the pain caused by blood pooling only in the area of the feet.



The terms of stockings and pantyhose are often used interchangeably. But there is a subtle difference. Stocking do not extend up to the waist and come in two pieces.

Stocking are made of sheer or very thin fabric, usually nylon or silk. They require garters or garter belts to be held in place. This is one of the oldest forms of hosiery that is still sexy and popular in today’s times.



Hold-ups are basically stockings that come without the problem of having to hold them up with a garter. They hold-up on their own with the help of elastic or silicone band that is present on the top of it. The ideal Hold-up should come halfway to the thigh and be snug enough so as not to fall off.




Socks are basically items of clothing worn to keep warm or absorb the sweat from the feet or simply to add a touch of glamour. The feet have the maximum number of sweat glands as compared to the rest of the body.

They come in various lengths from ankle length (footsies), calf length, knee high to over the knee. Socks are usually made of cotton, nylon or even mix blend of fabrics. Socks are worn across ages, though the style, fabric and thickness may vary accordingly.



Leggings are form fitted garments that cover the lower body from torso to the ankle. They are made from thick form fitting fabrics. Leggings are very trendy and comfortable as well.

You can find them in various shades and even come sporting funky prints. They come in fabrics such as Lycra, cotton, cotton polyester blend and other synthetic fabrics.


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Pantyhose are the more modern version of the stockings. It extends from the toes till the waistline, basically held by elastic at the waist. They come in sheer fabrics of nylon or silk and add a sexy element to the outfit you wear.

You can get them in different styles ranging from sheer, glossy finish, self-print, shimmer and patterned ones from shyaway.com .