Though you have tried clothes enough in the retailer’s trial room, the pretty new ones may seem pathetically sorry once you bring them home and try it. You may really feel down at the heels. But this comes after sending the arrow irretrievably. You should have paid the bill already and now you are left with no choice than bear the brunt.
Let’s have a check on what will leave you in this position of blunt.

lighting in textiles
Artificial Lighting: Most of the stores are illuminated by handsome lighting where these lights spread a beautiful look not only to the space inside; it also gives a different gleam to the garment as such. Fooled by the color, most customers end up at dissatisfied after trying it at home.
Fear of the new space: The feeling of trying dress at a strange place may put you in a state of discomfort that makes you finalise on wrong sized cloths.

mirror of textiles
Fear of the mirror: Lots of messages circulating about the betraying mirrors of textile shops and this will stimulate fear on you, and may put you in a state of discomfort. This may make you to conclude on a wrong decision.

husband waiting outside
Uneasiness being with others: Take the three or four sets of dress to try it n and you hear the restless connation of your friends (alas! Husbands are the worst) who at times promise the “greatness” of the look by only looking at the watch.

fat woman in palazzo
Unrealistic comparisons: Just entering the boutiques, you may have seen a tall girl in palazzo. You get totally impressed by her look and buy one for yourself forgetting the fact that you are vertically challenged! The fit too might have done well in front of the trial room mirror but puts you totally down while roaming in it. This is another case of shopping betrayal.

Moods: Women are notorious for mood swings. It may often happen that you will be in an entirely different moods both while try fitting them at shops and trying them at your room. At a sober mood, you finalised going for a full sleeve khaftan and before reaching home you get an exciting call from your boy friend that excites you and drag you to ecstasy. This will no lesser make you feel burn the khaftan at the earliest and go for a sleeveless frock.
So it says that even if you shop with utmost care, at times you end up buying wrong choices for yourself. This is why online retail markets have come to a boom. Online retailers give a clear picture of the product and offer awesome return policies. This is why many women buy lingerie from online stores like With no embarrassment, you get the best lingerie through these stores.