Lingerie is sold all across the globe and it is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe as it is a ‘must-have’ for the support and comfort of breasts.

Buying lingerie of good quality increases the comfort level of everyday use. That’s not all! The bra that you wear also defines the overall look of an outfit. A bra can make or break an outfit. So a good bra from a good brand with the right cut and style makes all the difference in the world.

Some of the top brands in India include :


LovableMost of us have grown up using this brand and this brand still continues to touch the lives of so many women in India.

They have a vast array of collections that include everyday basic bras , t-shirts bras , push-up , luxury styles and many more…. They have styles to cater to needs to different women in all price ranges.




The moment the word ‘Jockey’ comes to our mind we think of everyday comfort and basic inner wear.This international brand has won the hearts of women across the globe including India. They are known for their soft cotton and comfort styles that last for regular use.



EnamorEnamor is a brand that caters to the needs of the more fashion conscious. They craft lingerie that is delicate and dainty to make a women feel sexy both inside and on the outside.





The Indian women like to wear undergarments to suit the special cut of Indian outfits. Sonari caters specially to the Indian woman by styling bras just to be worn with salwar-kameez and saris, apart from their regular range of everyday bras and t-shirt bras .



AmanteAmante is another top brand in India that is pampering the Indian woman of today by crafting them lingerie that fits right and feels luxurious. This brand understands the emerging trends in the fashion industry and crafts lingerie to suit those needs in the comfort required.

These are some of the top brands in India in a country where new brands are emerging every day.