There are some women who love to match everything.They would  fall dead than be caught in sets of lingerie that do not match.The fact remains that coordinating your tops and bottoms feel special about yourselves.

Matching lingerie on a daily basis might not appeal to everyone mainly because most women think of it as a costly affair and also don’t think that people will have a look at what they’re wearing underneath.

It can be quiet a task to put together a wardrobe that is coordinated and well-kept underneath. Here are a few tips to help you develop a lingerie drawer full of coordinated pieces, that can be mixed and match into a multitude of fashion combinations.

1. Buy tops and bottoms together

Tops and bottom

This is the easiest way to purchase matching lingerie set. But this can turn out to be a costly affair. Another option for you is to purchase five sets of underwear for every top and bottom set that you pick up, so that you will always have a bottom to match.

2. Match similar colors

Match same colors


You don’t have to match tops and bottoms exactly. The designs maybe different but the colors can blend. For example almost everyone has pairs of nude , white and black .

The bolder few also have colors like red, blue etc….. The fabrics need not be the same or similar color, shade will help the top and bottom look put together and coordinated.

3. Matching trim colors

Match trims and colors

This is another fun but not so easy way to pair up lingerie. The trims, laces etc… on the bra or panty can be matched together if they are of the same color. Mix and match trim of contrast or similar colors and watch your collection come to life.

4. Mix solid with print

 Mix solid with print


This is an easy way to match lingerie. Usually we find more print on the bottoms than on the bras, as it is easier to carry off print on the bottom without it causing unwanted attention. Mix and match bold colors with funky prints and feel beautiful from inside.


5. Match similar prints

Match similar prints

This is an interesting way to throw together lingerie. Mix and match different prints that have a similar underlying theme. For example, you can mix and match stripes with polka dots. Another example of matching prints is pairing together different animal prints.

6. Matching together different prints

Matching together totally different prints is not easy to carry off. You have to learn or get the trick of how it is done tastefully; else you might land up looking crazy. You think of pairing stripes with floral print, or polka dots with Indian traditional designs. Mix and match and experiment with the looks.

There are no rules about pairing up lingerie. Simply look at your comfort, convenience and fun, no matter what you choose. It should be a fun way of expressing yourself and should not turn out to be a task.