Flat or small chested women always have the problem when it comes to selecting bras. Gone are the days when they had to make do with teenager training bras. The market today is filled with options for even the small chested ranging from under-wired bras , padded ones and simple ones that offer basic support.

Here are some tips that will help the flat chested while buying a bra :

1. You also have to wear bras

Wear bra

It is only a myth that women with small breasts need not wear bras. Every woman has a chest and even if it is small, it needs support. Unless you love going bra-less, every woman needs support for her chest.

2. You can skip the wired ones

Since you are small chested you can do without the uncomfortable wired ones. The wired ones are for those who need a lot of support. Enjoy the fact that you don’t need these uncomfortable metal wires that dig into your skin.

3. Get a defined or structured bra

Structure bra


Since you don’t have much on top, you need to make the most of what you have got. Get a good structured bra that will define your breasts and give you a proper lineation or figure.

You might feel good to show off your figure once in a while, so make sure it is structured or defined right, so get a bra that fits the picture.

4. Padding is good

Padding bra type

When one talks about padding, all one thinks of is heavy busted women and even those that create an illusion of having a deep cleavage.

But let me tell you that padded bras come in various styles these days. Some come with thin lining of padding for those who do not want obvious big breasts and others that create a cleavage.

The key here is not to go overboard and find the bra that looks most natural on you, along with providing you with comfort, support and coverage.

So if you have always dreaded shopping for bras just because you are small chested, its time you threw your fears out the window and follow these tips to buy yourself the perfect fitted bra.