Gone are the days when pregnant women or new moms had to wear loose and frumpy looking clothes that definitely deserved a call to the fashion police. Nursing clothes have become more practical and fashionable. As a matter of fact you can get clothes that can be used while you’re pregnant, while you are nursing and even after you stop nursing.

So if you are looking to buy clothes that are fashionable and will carry you through the nine months, nursing and more these tips will help you get the most value for your money.

1) Make sure there is room to grow

 There is room to growYour body will constantly change in the process of pregnancy, child birth and even after. So make sure you pick outfit that accommodate the needs of your changing body.

Find outfits that skim or line the body without unnecessary fabric. The loose and simple cut will allow you to hide the pounds you gain after delivery.

2) Fabric



Pregnancy, child birth and after are trying time for the body, when your hormones are working overtime and can leave your body heated or flushed.

Read the labels of the clothes and try to pick up natural breathable fabrics that allow your skin to breathe . And those that are easy to care for as after all you will have to wash it a lot while nursing your baby. Never go in for synthetics as they tend to trap in the heat.

3) Check the seams

Check the seamsYou are not going to have an elaborate wardrobe as you usually do when you are pregnant and nursing. You will be repeating what you wear often, so durability plays an important role in choosing your outfits.

The best test to check the durability of the garment and its seams is to stretch and pull it. If it retains its shape and the seams seem well constructed then you have nothing to worry about.

4) Easy access to nurse

Easy access to nurse


This is of primary importance when you nurse your baby.Of course you can’t have too many buttons or clasps to undo. Simplicity is the key. Today modern day designs include designs that are discreet and won’t give away the fact that they are nursing tops.


5) Experiment

StylishNever settle for boring. Invest in fashionable pieces without being guilty. Just because you are a mom you needn’t be left behind on the stylish front.

6) Decide on where you use them the most

You need to invest more in Nursing clothes which you will use while you are nursing.If you are working then you need to invest more in casual nursing clothes that you will use on the weekend.

Whereas if you are a stay-at-home mom then you can invest in a few stylish tops , tunics , tees and bottoms such as leggings or jeans.

7) Accessorize



The best accessorize a woman can ask for when she is nursing are scarves.They not only look stylish but they also act as a good coverage while nursing. Select scarves that are made of breathable comfortable fabrics that allow you to feed your baby in discretion.



Incorporate the latest fashion trends while shopping for your nursing cloths so that you can look and feel fabulous during this exciting time of your life.