There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she has to shop for a bra to support her budding breasts. Lingerie shopping for the first time is almost like a nightmare for every teenager. It is like taking the first step into womanhood.

Here are a few tips to make the experience less horrifying :

1. Do it with someone you are comfortable and can trust

A first time always calls for company that is experienced. A shopping companion who won’t shy from giving you the honest opinion and who has done it before will be an asset to help you buy your bra for the first time. You might feel embarrassed to ask someone to shop for lingerie with you but having someone along will ease the anxiety and also help you pick the right pieces based on their experience.


2. Be specific and honest of what you want

Be clear and specific of the lingerie you want. Do not ape others or try to chase a look you cannot carry off. Buy what suits your body or what you really want to wear.


3. Check out the pieces online

Shopping online has its advantages. You can look through the fitting guides, reviews and even shopping guides to help make the experience easier. And that’s not all, buying lingerie online is cheaper as these online stores don’t have as many overhead expenses as compared to their retail counterparts.

4. Try on a few sizes to rule out what’s ‘not you’

Sometimes it helps ease the questioning mind about certain styles. You might have liked and not sure whether they suit you or not or know at the back of your mind that they don’t. Try it on to kill that nagging doubt at the back of your head and see whether that piece is really you or not.
Size5. Set a budget

These small pieces cost a fortune, especially the ones of good quality. Set a budget and the number of pieces that you need to buy so that you manage to spend and buy according to you needs.

Set a butget

6. Take your time

Lingerie shopping is time consuming so it is best if you do not club it with any other activity. You might have to try no more than 15-20 bras before you get the one that suits you.

7. Shoo away the sales people

If you are not comfortable with sales staff at the store then feel free to shoo them away. But if you have no qualms then getting measured is right step to take before lingerie shopping.


8. Have fun

Lingerie is fun. It is an expression of your gender, style and personality. You can wear what you please without worrying about people what people with say. Check out the options and buy what you really want to wear without any hesitation.


I suggest women who are buying lingerie for the first time not to be intimidated by the task and that no one is noticing you. We all have been through that phase. If you want to shop without anyone around then shopping for lingerie online might be the best solution. So make you first time the best by selecting lingerie that fits well an suits your personal sense of style.