If you are not brave enough to bare your chest you can consider showing off your bra. You do not have to make it seem accidental. You need to incorporate it in style.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for showing off your bra :

1. Make sure it fits

When you want to show off your bra you want people to notice the design and not the ill-fitted cups or the straps falling of your shoulders. Follow a fitting guide online or get fitted by an expert.

2. Pick the right occasion

There is a time and place for everything. It is definitely not a good idea to expose your bras at an office gathering or similar situations.

3. Make it look intentional

You should allow people to know that you are intentionally showing off your bra and not doing it by mistake.

showing internationally

4. Do not wear your bra as a top

Unless you are at a beach party it is not becoming to wear a bra as a top.

Don't wear as top

5. Do lace

It looks pretty to see a sweet colorful bras peeking out from a sheer lace top. Just make sure it is not a nude color so that it stands out without matching your skin tone.

Do lace

6. Skip the nude tones

Your bras has to stand out if you want it to be noticed and wearing a nude shade just looks weird.

7. Wear dark under light

Never wear light colored bras under a dark colored see through top as it often looks like you made a mistake. Instead opt for dark colored bras under light tops.

8. Expose the trims

You needed expose the cups or most of the bras to carry of a visible bra look. Instead choose to wear lo cut tops with fuller coverage bras that show off a bit of lace on the top or at the sides.

9. The cups don’t have to be in focus

When you show off a bra it is not necessary that you expose the cups. You can look sexy glam by revealing the sexy sides or straps that can be in criss cross style or more.

10. Show off your straps

There are many stylish bras available in the market today that come with sexy stylish straps. These bras are designed so that you can show them off. You don’t need to use boring and uncomfortable bandeaus and convertible ones anymore.

show of ur bra straps

11. Layer

Unless you want people to make a bold statement by people seeing your bra on its own it is a good idea to layer your bra with a short, low cut top or dress or the like.

layer your bra

12. Make sure they are new

It is not nice to around showing your old lingerie. Wear pieces that look neat and new.