Nothing gets closer to the sensitive skin than lingerie. And for some women wearing their everyday bras and panties is literally agony. For some even the touch of the fabric alone can cause discomfort at varying levels.

They might suffer from itching or the skin becoming blotched red or even developing rashes after wearing particular pieces of lingerie. Don’t worry. You are not alone! As more and more chemicals and synthetic elements are used in the making of our intimates, it’s the women with sensitive skin that bear the brunt of it.

Of course these skin flare-ups need not appear on a daily basis but the occasional occurrence is painful enough. For those days when you feel that your skin is going to react negatively, you will have to choose your lingerie carefully.

Here are a few tips that will help you pick up lingerie for your sensitive skin :

1) Breathable Fabrics

FabricThe basic idea behind skin friendly garments is the comfort and the breath-ability of the fabric. Air should be able to pass through so that your skin has room to breathe.

Most popular in the breathable fabrics category is cotton that is light, comfortable and allows your skin to breathe. The other breathable fabrics include Bamboo, Silk and Rayon.

2) Soft and Smooth Fabrics

It is better to go in for smooth and soft fabrics that are not harsh on the skin and are non-abrasive. The easiest way to keep away from abrasions on the skin is to steer clear of laces and embroidered lingerie.

You should even keep away from seamed undergarments as they tend to be the roughest on the skin. If possible try them on and see how the threads of the fabric sit against your skin. Again fabrics like satin, cotton, silk, cashmere are some of the popular choices.

3) Select the Right Size

Right size


Comfort is all in the fit, which relates to the size. When an undergarment becomes too tight it sticks to the skin, causes friction and leaves you in an uncomfortable situation.

If you have doubts or are confused about your size even after you check the sizing charts, then it might be a good idea to get fitted by a professional. Do not be tempted to pick up smaller sizes to feel good by buying a smaller size. No one is going to see the size, so make comfort your priority.

4) Style and Cut

Style & cutThis is purely a personal choice based on personal support and preferences. Each has its benefits and disadvantages depending on your size, activity levels, and preference.

Make sure the style won’t cut into your skin. For example women who find bunching in underpants extremely uncomfortable tend to opt for thongs or full cut brief or even loosely cut boy shorts.

In the case of bras, women can opt for seamless, front open, halter neck etc… based on her preference.

5) Organic and Without Dyes



Nowadays a lot of chemicals go into the making of our lingerie and these dyes and fiber of these garments cause an adverse reaction to our skin.

Residue of pesticides also often makes its way onto the finished garment. So always try to go in for organic fabrics without dyes, which normally come in colors of white and beige, that won’t cause any negative reaction to your skin.

There are no rights or wrongs in the selection of lingerie for ladies with sensitive skin. You just need to find out what works best for you.