Most women and men tend of think of breast only in terms of adding oomph and sex factor to a dress. A lot of women are not satisfied with the way their boobs due to which they do various thing like boob implants and the like.

Here are 5 things you should never do to your boobs :

1) Botox them

Botox treatments involve injecting the chest muscles to make your pair look perkier. But since your boob muscles are paralyzed the back muscles take up the task of lifting your breast. Experts caution against these injections saying that they don’t work and that do nothing to address the sagging or drooping and in are not very safe.


2) Duct taping them

A lot of people including Kim Kardashian say that duct taping is the fastest solution to getting a cleavage. The fact is that the adhesives in them can irritate your skin, especially in sensitive areas such as the nipples. If you really want to create a cleavage buy Lingerie that is crafted to create them.

3) Running in regular or yoga bras

Sport bras  have been created for a reason. They will hold your breasts while you pound the pavement. Wearing an un-supportive bra will not only be uncomfortable but it will also break down the connective tissue with your chest and cause drooping and sagging.

Regular or yoga bra

4) Waxing nipple hair

Waxing nipple hairs can cause in growth and even irritate the skin, especially near your nipples. The best permanent treatment is electrolysis if you don’t want to see a lot of hair sprouting.


5) Piercing your nipples

A lot of celebs have pierced their nipples but doctors do not approve of it. Piercing your nipples increases your risk of developing abscess (Pus filled infection). Piercing can also destroy your milk ducts that can prevent you from feeding at a later date. Some women have even contracted serious diseases like Hepatitis or Aids from unsterile needles used to pierce their nipples.


Be happy with the way your breasts are. At the most you can buy lingerie or clothing to mark these imperfections that you see, else leave them alone.