Not wearing a bra is not even a thought for consideration for some women. We are so used to wearing them as soon as our breasts blossom that they literally become our second skin. You wear them 24/7 not because you love them, it’s just because you have the idea ingrained in your brain that your bust get its support only by wearing bras and again like an aspect of tradition.

If you are someone who loves changes and experimenting, why not try and go bra-less for a few weeks. You might feel awkward and embarrassed initially but you’ll get used to it.

Here is what you can expect when you go bra-less :

1. You feel free

Feel free without bra

Bras can be a bit of a hassle. Imagine something strapped to your chest all day. It is as if you breasts can breathe again. No more underwire or padding that pushes it in positions that seem unnatural.

2. Your clothes fit differently

Clothes fit differntly



This differs from women to woman. The absence of a bra affects small chested women more. No more padding to accentuate your tiny bumps.

Bras play a big role in accentuating your curves and so when you’re without them; it’s almost like downplaying your feminine curves. Do not expect a perfect silhouette without a bra. For example, your boobs might droop under a skin tight top and not highlight your bust.

3. Movement


What we all know the fact that bras hold our breasts in place. So when we are without them, any rigorous movement will result in a jiggle or bounce. Some might call it freedom. You can consider wearing tight tops to hold your breasts in place if you want to consider any physical activity like running or jogging.

4. Pain

When you stop wearing the bra, no matter how small your boobs are you might experience back pain.

The reason primarily being : Your posture and your back get affected when your boobs don’t get the desired support from a bra. So if you really are in pain, do not grin and bear it. It’s not healthy.

Wear bras, but decide to keep away from the underwired and cupped ones. Buy a good  bras that offers the right amount of support without causing any tension to your back, or affect your posture.

5. People notice

People notice

You will suddenly draw a lot of attention, especially from the male species. Be prepared for comments – both rude and supportive.

You might experience snickering behind your back, men ogling at your chest and the like. You got to remember that it’s your body and you can do what you like with it.


6. Your boob sweat has nowhere to disappear

Boob sweat

Yes, your boobs sweat too just like any other part of your body. Your bra used to absorb all that sweat. So if find yourself sweating suddenly, you might want to head to the restroom and wipe it all off, before anyone notices your chest getting wet.

7. No show

You can buy the skimpiest of tops or dresses without the worry that your bra is showing. This might feel like the ultimate secret to feminine happiness. Don’t go overboard and buy every backless dress that you see.

Wearing a bra is actually optional. The choice of wearing a bra or going bra-less is yours. No harm in giving your bras a rest for a day or two . so , buy bras from and at come out of stop wearing bra.