Hi Lingerie lovers, here is an article on some of the best Lingerie scenes appeared in movies that remained and continues to remain in the audiences’ mind. Lingerie can be camouflaged into hot ensembles that can hitch audience’s minds and these pics from movies prove that true.

Jennifer Lopez as Karen Sisco in the movie Out of Sight
Karen Sisco (Lopez) treats Jack Foley (George Clooney) to a hotel room strip tease in director Steven Soderbergh’s big screen adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s humorous crime drama. When Karen pulls off her dress to reveal a Nude Bra and underwear, Foley gamely in return stripes down to his boxers.

Jennifer Lopez


Demi Moore  in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
Moore’s Bikini got most of the attention in her 2003 comeback movie, but she bared even more in this blink-and-you? Will-miss-it lingerie moment. The then-41-year-old pulled on a full-length sable fur coat over her lacy bra and panties and chiseled abs.

Demi Moore


Lindsay Lohan as an evil in I Know Who Killed Me
Yes, but who put you up to this 2007 movie? Lohan’s evil twin character gave the young actress a chance to work the pole—and diffuse her image as a freckle-faced Disney girl—in standard-issue stripper attire.

Lindsay Lohan


Eva Mendes  in The Women as Crystal Allen
Costume designer John Dunn—who now heads up the wardrobe department on Boardwalk Empire—dressed Eva Mendes’s husband-stealing shop woman Crystal in La Perla lingerie for this 2008 remake. Though she’s the jilted wife in the central love triangle, Ryan’s Mary looks sultry in her own right.Eva MendesBritney Spears as Lucy: Crossroads
Spears sang that she was “not yet a woman” in this campy 2002 drama, but she certainly looked like one in a cowboy hat, tight tank top, and boy shorts during a scene in which her character wonders if she’s ready to lose her virginity.

Britney Spears


Angelina Jolie as Jane: Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Jane’s (Jolie) leather dominatrix getup was not just an effective and disarming  disguise, it was part of a complete wardrobe that casted Michael Kaplan a nomination for the 2005 Costume Designer’s Guild Award for Best Costume Design in a Contemporary Film.

Anjelina Jolie


Halle Berry as Ginger :Swordfish
Berry also went topless in this film, but even when her lady parts were covered, there was little left to the imagination. How did she prepare for the role of a barely-clad, computer-hacking femme fatale? “I just kept going to the gym,” she has said.

Halle Berry


Scarlett Johansson as Charlotte: Lost in Translation
Johansson makes Granny Panties look sexy in the opening credits of director Sofia Coppola’s love letter to Tokyo, but she had to be talked into the translucent Araks underpants. ‘I was so heavy by eating all of this Udon. Sofia Coppola was like, Why don’t I try these on you? Just see how they look and if you don’t want to do it, then of course, you don’t have to’,” the actress has said. ”’And of course, Sofia is lanky and skinny, with a very sort of elegant body and so she looked fantastic… That’s how she got me to wear them.”

Scarlet Johanson


Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi: Showgirls
The stage costumes created by famed stylist Ellen Mirojnick—whose other credits include Wall Street, Basic Instinct, and Fatal Attraction—didn’t stay on long in this 1995 Joe Eszterhas drama. Though critics proclaimed it the worst film in history, the movie’s cult following helped put it among MGM’s top 20 best-selling videos of all time.
Elizabeth Berkley

Charlize Theron as Helga: 2 Days In The Valley
Appearing in her breakout role, Theron made such an impression in a white lace teddy and matching satin robe—and a scene where they’re ripped off of her—that producers put the unanimous on the movie?

Charlize Theron


Jamie Lee Curtis as Helen Tasker: True Lies
Audiences saw Jamie Lee Curtis in a new light after her character’s sexy striptease in James Cameron’s action flick. The black bra and high-cut underwear worn by housewife Helen Tasker actually belonged to the actress.

Jamie Lee Curtis