The latest research carried out by the Shock Absorber Sports Institute (SASI) at Portsmouth University, says that 9.5 million women in the UK are not supporting their breasts properly. It is a more commonly knowing fact that about 80% of women are wearing wrong sized bras. When it comes to sports, you definitely have to support your beasts with supporting sports bras.

Wrong Size Bra

Why wear a sports bra?

The average breast weighs between 250 and 300g, and any unsupported movement – such as running – causes three-dimensional movement: up-down, side-to-side and in-out.
This can result in discomfort, chafing and strain on the breasts’ supportive tissue – the Coopers ligaments – which in turn can in due course lead to sagging.In fact, the SASI research also shows that on average, a woman’s breast moves 9.08cm with every stride while running.

Jockey Sports Bra

Why Jockey:

Jockey is well versed in manufacturing healthy Sports Bras. Relying on veterans is safer than taking chances. You money counts and when you are spending junks of it on bras, it is wiser to buy those brands that have already proven.

Jockey fit:

If you’re shy about having a fitting in person, then online retailers such as will provide bra size calculator to attain a maximum fit. Also, knowledgeable customer support and freepost returns are offered through online stores like Jockey.

Jockey and your breasts:

Don’t forget though, that the shape of your bra will have an impact on how helpful it is in reducing movement while running. As with sports shoes, many women stick with the same model of bra once they’ve found the one that works best for them.

Different bras offer different levels of support. The type that you need will depend on your cup size and the type of exercise you do.

Different Bras Styles Jockey

Low-impact sports bras, used for yoga or walking, are often cut like a crop-top and are, on the whole, made from thinner material. High-impact bras (for running) generally use less stretchy material, include helpful seams and overlays and are sometimes even under-wired.

Running causes a large amount of breast movement compared with many other sports. The level of support required does vary according to bra size, but whatever size you are we would recommend opting for maximum support.

Small chested women may feel most comfy wearing a compression sports bra. However, there is research to suggest that a properly structured encapsulation bra – which cups each breast individually – is more likely to give good support than a compression bra.

Encapsulating sports bras are definitely recommended for larger cup sizes, although some bras offer a combination of both encapsulation and compression.

Jockey while Pregnant or Breastfeeding

You will need the maximum support during your pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Your bust size will change throughout your pregnancy, so consider buying an adjustable bra to avoid frequent replacements.

Jockey Wash:

Bra Washing Cycle

Jockey bras can withstand 30-40 washes beyond which they start losing their charm. As a rule of thumb you require three new bras for every one pair of running shoes. The technical fabric of your sports bra will wear in the washing cycle, and its elasticity will diminish during each use. Try not to tumble -dry your bra either: the heat will destroy the fabric on your bra and reduce its life.

Corporate Information

Jockey India

The exclusive licensee of JOCKEY International Inc is Page Industries Limited located in Bangalore, India. Page Industries, also known as Jockey India, is a publicly listed company (BSE:532827) (NSE:PAGEIND) which is the licensee of Jockey Underwear in India and Sri Lanka. It was founded in 1995 by the Genomal family and it became a public enterprise on July 29, 2007 at a stock price of 600 INR and today has a value of 11.7 billion INR, with a stock price exceeding 7000 INR for the first time after growth of over 39.7% was announced in May 2014, and it reached a high of 8205 INR in mid-June of that year. Stock price is in excess of 14,500 INR in May 2015. The company’s main focus is to serve as the prime international licensee of Jockey in the South Asia region and in the Asia-Pacific region. As a result, it has approached the industry using traditional methods of sales to the target market of young, independent men, but significantly has innovated to cater to women in a specific women’s inner wear range, identified by the Economic Times as a “clever innovation”.