You have all heard about the doctors and grannies advising to wear only cotton panties and bras. It is for your health, they say. Yes, of course, it is proven that cotton underwear reduce infection, thus protects your health. Mean while, the nylon and other synthetic stuffs retain moisture inside and create chaos in your pubic area. But here you are, yearning for pretty fashionable lingerie to impress your partner.

Synthetic Panties- The best arm to seduce your partner!

Synthetic underwear is underwear made of synthetic (not natural) fabric; for example, polyester and nylon. These materials don’t come straight from nature. Poly amides are another version of the same.
Often these synthetic materials are mixed with spandex, a material used to provide elasticity to the garment that make the garment more resilient, stretchable, thus increasing its efficiency for long term use.

Also most of the modern lingerie is embellished with lace works. Lace with floral designs, heavily embroidered lace.. These are today’s trends. This modern lingerie are so fabulous that it is very painful to skip without buying one.
The synthetic materials are often dyed in artificial colours so as to make different shades and prints. These artificial colours often cause allergy if used for a long time in perspiring weather. Women are prone to secret mucus from vagina that makes their undies remain damp some of the time. So, on a prolonged usage, the artificial panties can call for vaginal health issues.
Now, your desire for the best loved lingerie in one side and the potential health hazard confusions on the other, you are put in dilemma!

Here is a good news for you: You know what, most of the modern synthetic panties come with a cotton gusset in the crotch area, that helps in absorbing extra moisture and keeps the undies dry and hygienic. The other parts apart from the crotch make the most embellishment that ultimately makes the tiny piece fashionable and trendy to wear and seduce your partner.
Now, go ahead, buy one and be there, in full energy to celebrate wild private moments.

Synthetic Bra- The best arm to seduce your partner!

What all is told about synthetic panties work for the bras as well. The lace embellishments, taffles, ruffles, beadings… oh, what not!! Modern bra is more than just sewing- it is an answer to how research, analysis and technology has improved.

The technology is just not about beauty, it is also about comfort and hygiene as they hold cotton padding inside the cups that absorbs sweat and moisture. The cotton seaming also help the user in the same way.
It is all about you deciding on which piece you have to buy this time!!