All college students and working women would like to have their wardrobe filled with different kinds of leggings. The advent of leggings into Indian market has brought huge changes in the fashion industry as a whole. It is doubtful if there is any other product as leggings that have influenced the outlook of Indian women to this extend!!

Why choose leggings over jeans or cotton pants?

Leggings are made of cotton and spandex, and the waist line built with elastic which makes the users stretch, bend and twist their legs and body freely. They show off your slimmer side unlike cotton pants.Thanks to the fabric for being breathable, thereby reducing the heat puffing inside. They suit every occasion, be it formal or informal. While plain black and white suits in office, the printed ones boost your flamboyance.


Legging online shopping in India.

Manage your time, busy ladies! Shop leggings online, and save your time and money. Working women and college goers are misers of time. Won’t they value every single moment and choose to be at home than wandering in the streets, facing the hassles of shopping and finally ending up grabbing something that really doesn’t fit and compromise styles?

Yes! We have a solution for that! Purchase leggings online. Online shopping in India has boomed as a whole, and the legging online shopping has also seen its triumph. It saves much of your time.


Twin Birds Leggings.

Twin birds is the best choice for you. It comes in different styles, colors, designs and more importantly, sizes. Twin birds has ranges for women of all sizes. Quality of the fabric is also unbeatable.

When you purchase through, you will get the luxury of viewing and selecting different models of leggings from high resolution pictures which is absolute replica of the original ones. So you don’t have to worry about how they would look once you get them delivered. You can also avail discounts on a lot of products when purchased through shyaway.

Twin birds

Choose leggings according to your requirement, pair it with the perfect tops, and there you are, as the best Boss, as a brainy or as a freaking Vagabond.