Sleep wears are the slack dress that pampers your skin during your slumber.

The trend of modern sleep wear as they always do, originated from western nations, which they attribute to the ancient Roman, Egyptian, Indian, and Asian costumes. The slack outfits were then trimmed, sewn and laced beautifully to make fashionable sleep wears.

There are different types of sleepwears, the only similarity being the looseness in the measurement.

Pyjamas/ Pajamas

Pyjamas are loose shirt – pants that provide moderate coverage. They mostly come in satin, silk or other soft materials. They can be worn by men, women or children.

cute pyjamas sets


Peignoir is a long outer garment for women. It is also called night gowns or sleep gowns. They are sexy and feminine piece of clothing.

Peignoir for Women

Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls are short and sexy nightgowns for a seducing slumber. They are satin or silk by make.

Sexy babydoll


Robes are long gowns that can usually be tied by ropes on the sides. They give you maximum freedom of movement during your nights.

Robes for Womens


Chemises are gown-like delicate and extremely feminine garments. They are short and reach the mid of your thigh.

chemise dress

Night Shirts

Nights shirts are shirts exclusively designed for your slumber. Unlike normal shirts, they are made of satin or silk.

night shirt dress