Every woman I know owns a pair of bra or panties that they have owned and used for years together and refuse to toss them into a bin.Then comes the next thought, ‘How do you know when your undergarments are dead?’ It is hard to let go of these supportive friends but you have to in order to declutter the space in your old lingerie wardrobe and make room for new supportive friends.

Women you need to ask yourself this question, ‘Is my bra and panties doing the job that it is meant to doing?’ If the answer is ‘No’ then do not think twice before declaring it ‘Dead’ and stuffing it in the trash.

Here are the telltale signs that your bras and panties need to go :

elasticity issue

It doesn’t fit

This is the first and foremost reason to toss your old undies and bras. The reason you are wearing them is to provide you support and shape. If they don’t serve the purpose then let go. If they are tight, loose or don’t fit right in any manner means that it doesn’t fit.

They have lost their elasticity

If the elastic waistband in your bra is still loose even after it is hooked on the last hook then it is time to chuck it. The same goes with underwear losing their elasticity and hanging off your waist.

If the bra is stretched out in the shoulder straps even after it is adjusted to the max, then the bra also probably isn’t in that good of a shape either.

Shaped differently

When the fabric and other material in your bra gets so worn out and doesn’t hold the original shape then it’s reached the end of its life. This usually happens faster with molded bras and shape-wear.

The color is indeterminable

Your undergarments have gone through so much in the laundry that the original color is indeterminable.


Irreparable holes



There is nothing to think. The moment you find a hole you have to throw it. Holes are a sign of disintegration.





When no amount of washing or stain remover gets the stains off.

Underwire adjustments

If you have to adjust or align the under wire of the bra every time you wear it then chances are that it might poke through the fabric and puncture your boob. Better be safe than sorry.

You haven’t worn it in months

Your body keeps changing. If you have forgotten about certain pieces lying in your old lingerie drawer and suddenly feel like wearing it again, 99% chances are that it won’t fit you right.

It doesn’t suit your figure

The bra or underwear you wear might look pretty and fit perfectly, but does not do justice to your figure and makes it look weird and awkward , almost unnatural.

Tag has faded

If you feel that the tags sewn on the inner bands of the inner garment are faded or not legible then chances are that it is getting worn out and might be fraying.

No support or comfort

No support or comfort



You don’t feel the comfort or support that you used to enjoy as when you used to wear it before.You deserve that basic at least. It’s time to switch over to other favorites.


If you have any such items that fit into the descriptions above in your closet then it’s time to let go and invest in new pieces of lingerie .