When shyaway was launched in 2015, it was all vivid for its CEO,  Gopinathan Ramachandran about how the business route has to be shaped. As an already established entrepreneur, he was confident enough to take a plunge into a diversified sector, and a rather promising one, which he knew was also lucrative. His intuitions proved true. Now, as his dreams bear fruits, he stands on the facade of success and accomplishment.

He explicitly chose a maverick way to success.


Lingerie: He chose it!

Lingerie, for new breed of Indian women is a thirsty segment which engulfed ample opportunities in itself. He hit success with an efficient discovery (that resembled the expertise of a bow man) of that opportunity which promised lump sum return.

shyle lingerie set

Its advent into a rather primitive market of India was scary at the beginning with hardly any acceptance from the consumers. The word Lingerie slowly got comfy with the Indian women who astonishingly surpass the international consumers in terms of enthusiasm and purchase level.

The company brands the premium lingerie brand Shyle, while also catering other luxury brands viz, Amante, Jockey, Sonari, Lovable, Pansy and much more..


The Manufactures: He chose them!
When started, shyaway’s CEO was pretty sure that he was providing the best stuffs since he believed that the women who urge and buy were worth it. He was very particular that the snug that the products delivered should be balmy, cosy and comfy. So was why he chose the best manufactures available till date.

baby doll

The Beautiful Designs and the Designer: He chose them!

As the pretty design is to the wearable as is the charm to our designer. Our designer, Olivia Krishnan, is a young and vibrant woman who is always experimental and novel in her views. The products designed by her will carry the freshness of vogue. The products vary from bras to panties to sleep wears to swim wears. These awesome arrays of trendy suits are none the less rigid in terms of stitching. As they define house to being resistant to rain and heat, the lingerie sets are resistant enough to wear and tear considering its duration of use.


The Curvy Indian Models – He chose them too.

There is a common notion that Indian models’ curves are of lesser take in comparison with the international models’ skinny figure, when it comes to modelling for lingerie. It is still on debate if foreign models do a greater job in consideration with their Indian counterparts. But Mr. Gopinath dug to his heels on that decision that he would choose models only from India as he was pretty sure that the curves of Indian models had the lusting effect on the garbs that outshined more brilliantly than it would have been on the size zero foreign women.


The Vibrant shyaway Team – Yes, he handpicked them.

A shed load of vivacious youngsters work smartly for an awesome reason- shyaway! When they combine work with fun at office atmosphere, they create wonders; Wonders that shape up into an effervescent team which further grows itself into a gigantic business organisation.

Shyle Baby Doll

The result – Indian women chose shyaway!!

To that toil, hard work and sincerity that Mr. Gopinath had put, the Indian women have chosen him and shyaway close to their hearts. Hassles, shyness and humility were some of many reasons that had the Indian women, especially from the South, feel reluctant in purchasing under garments from retailers. Indian women are now happier to purchase their intimate wears online, from the comfort of their homes as they can dwell more fashionable lingerie of their correct sizes and fit without the fear of any roving eyes being dogged.

shyle lingerie set