Leggings are the greatest invention in the fashion world. What’s not to love about them?!! They are sleek and stylish. They are comfortable. They are cheap. They make you look slim. Leggings are a humble garment that has made its way into the wardrobe of every woman. The art of looking good in leggings as pants lies in how and with what you pair them with.

Leggings nowadays are must-have pieces and worn in place of pants these days. But let me tell you the fact that pulling off the look of leggings as pants is hard.

Follow these few tips and you will be able to carry off your leggings as pants :


Thicker Better

The fabric of the leggings should be completely opaque, matte and thick enough to conceal your intimates. Best way to check if it is thick enough is to go have a look at them in the sunlight.

You can do a fool proof check by wearing underwear in the opposite color and see if it shows. Stretching and moving around also making it see-through, so check how the fabric holds while you move around.




Leggings are best paired with flip flops, boots and sandals. Wearing leggings with high heels makes the outfit look trashy. Unless you are going to a college party or costume party, heels do not pair up with leggings.





It is not fashionable to let everyone see your underpants. Wear seamed underwear. Boy shorts and thongs are another option when you want your underwear not to be visible.





Make sure the top that you wear with the leggings covers your butt.

Trust me it isn’t attractive to see a camel foot by chance when the fabric gets wedged in your privates. Tunics, long sweaters, long tees and even short dresses can be paired with leggings and ensure that you’re not flashing your front and back in the name of fashion.

Bottom line : Hide your crotch and butt.



The key to looking sexy with leggings is to layer. You can layer shrugs, sweaters, tees, jackets, tunics, scarfs, jewelry, boots and much more and take your oomph level higher.

Accessorize enough so that the center of attraction is not the leggings, but the outfit as a whole.


Follow these tips, be bold and carry yourself with a swagger for people to admire your bold sense of fashion of carrying off a pair of leggings as pants.