The last thing we girls always remember to packing was lingerie. And by that time the suitcase would already be full and we then risk the damage to our precious intimates by simply jam them in the teensiest gap available.

When we shell out so much money on our bras and panties, the least we can do it ensure we take care and see that they are packed without causing any damage to the garment.

Here are few tips to help you pack your lingerie :

1. Bra bag

Bra bagsThe most convenient and safe way to packing your lingerie  in a Bra bag . The bra bag consists of a sturdy molded case that will keep all your delicate organized and safe from damage caused by bending, snagging or warping.

The best part is that it doesn’t occupy too much of space and you can store all your bras and panties without having to search your entire suitcase for them. They have special pockets to fold your undies in there too.You get them in attractive, elegant and funky prints.

2. Stack em’

Stack em’


As opposed to the age old method of filling one cup with the other, it is recommended to lay the bra flat and stack one bra on top of the other. Don’t forget to stuff socks in the cups to protect their shape.


3. Place them on top

The top of the suitcase is where the least damage is likely. So lay them flat on the top so that they don’t bend or snag against anything. When they are on top it is less likely of them getting crushed.

Take care of your intimates, as they are the closest thing to your skin and are the garments that give you the support and confidence you need.

The best way to protect your bras while travel is to pick up a Bra bag and you can easily buy them online at .Happy Shopping!