Your First Date :

It is a difficult question to be answered. Avoid dresses which show too much skin! Minimise extremes like overly trendy outfits or heavy makeup. Being Natural and minimal scores you a good mark.

Outfit for 1st Date

Valentines Day:

Valentine’s Day reminds of the colour red. You can be wearing red gowns or any sexy outfits to freak out with your valentine. Your skin should be clean and fragrant.

Outfit for Valentines Day

Birthday Party:

Check out on whose birthday it is. You obviously cannot be wearing funky and too revealing dresses for your granny’s birth day! But you can go for such things for your best friend’s birth day.

Outfit for Birthday Party

Your Friend’s / Cousin’s Engagement:

Bigger than a birth day, engagement of your friend or cousin is important. Wearing a good ethnic dress will do well for your dearest friend’s or cousin’s engagement. Having it in bright and attractive colours will make the occasion more balmy and funny. Heavy makeup is always welcome.

outfits for Enagements

Your Wedding:

Ha, and that is out of question! You know on what to wear for your wedding. Grand, Big and Heavy- You decide it!

outfits for Your Wedding