Most women love shopping. We shop for hours together visiting every shop multiple times, looking at every product before we choose the one we like best! But sometimes, we get disappointed seeing similar styles across stores. Boutiques, which are currently on the rise, are the perfect solution to this problem. We all have our preferences when it comes to our style and we also have our preferences when it comes to the boutique we shop from! One of my favorite boutiques to shop from is Curves. Yes, this is a lingerie boutique.


We all have so many different types of clothes from crop tops and bodycon dresses to lehengas and sarees. But do we have or even give a thought about the different types of lingerie to be worn with these dresses? Probably not!

lingerie boutique

On my first visit to the Curves boutique, I was awestruck by the number of options that were presented to me. The storekeepers were kind enough to patiently clear all my doubts related to lingerie and even helped me find the right size. As it turned out, I had been wearing the wrong size in lingerie and not once did I have the slightest idea that it was not my size! There were types of bras that I didn’t even know existed and the collection they had was absolutely fantastic. This visit changed my outlook on lingerie. Before this, lingerie was just something worn on the inside which didn’t really matter to me. But after, I learnt how much there was to lingerie that I was so ignorant about.

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I would definitely recommend everyone to visit this boutique which is located in Velachery, Chennai. And for those who don’t have the time to visit, they also have an online store called ‘’ with the entire collection!

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