Bras are broadly divided into two basic categories – One that offers only support and the other that offer fashion and glamour along with the support. Push-Up bras of course come in the category of fashion bras. They are widely popular among women because of the lift and cleavage they show off.

Push-Up bras usually come with padding and underwire for proper support and natural shape. So if you want to give your bra a boost then you must own one of these. They are favorites when it comes wearing sexy

Myth 1. Push-Up Bras are only for small chested women

Small chested bra

This is the misconception that almost all women have. The regular perception is that push-up bras make you look a size or two bigger. But let me tell you big chested women can benefit from the support and lift of the underwire and molded shape of the padded cups. Not all padded bras make your bust look bigger.

Myth2.  All Push-Up Bras are the same and create an unnatural effect

fashion padded bra


All Push-Up Bras are not the same. The way they are shaped, crafted and cut are different. The degrees of padding, fabric, filling material of padding, degree of the padding and more differ from one padded bra to another.

So the way your bra sits also differs. It is unfair to generalize padded bras and assume that they look unnatural. Find the one that suits your tastes and body shape. Your look all depends on what you choose.

Myth 3. You will get shoulder and back pain wearing them

Back painPush-Up Bras are actually very comfortable, provided you get the size right. If you are in pain, then it means that you are wearing the wrong size. Don’t blame the Push-up Bra for that.

Myth 4.  A Push-Up Bra is only for special occasions

Special occasion bra



You don’t need an occasion to pamper yourself, feel sexy or luxurious. Fashion  Push-Up Bras help in setting the mood. If you’re looking to use it for everyday use then don’t forget to be careful of the outfit you choose.

You do realize that push-up bras will give you a fuller looking chest, so based on how you want to carry yourself, dress with care.

Myth 5. Push-Up Bras create a defined cleavage

CleavegeAs already stated, all Push-Up bras are different. The design, cut and padding and various other factors are responsible for how your breasts sit in the bra.

If you browse the various stores you will find a Push-Up Bra that looks and fits naturally without causing too much of cleavage show. But do try out a Push-Up Bra for yourself before you come to a conclusion about it.

You will fall in love with it, especially the way it lifts and supports you. You’ll surely have no regrets.