The heat can make us curse the person for these summer who created clothes. It becomes even more difficult what to wear underneath or when it comes for lingerie collection. The heat can get us all sweaty. So if you want some air passing through to your privates you might want to follow these lingerie styling tips for summer,

1) Go neutral

When its summer we tend to wear light colors, especially whites that keep us cooler and attract less heat.Unfortunately these whites and light colors how off your bright colored bra and panties. Unless you want to show off your bra and panties stick to Neutral colored   lingerie that come close to your skin color.

Summer neutral

2) Stick to cotton or mesh fabrics

We sweat a lot in the summer months. It can get very uncomfortable in your private areas if the fabric is not breathable and not getting air to cool off. For days when you feel like melting, follow the best lingerie fashion tips and wear undies made from cotton or mesh. These fabrics feel like your second skin, and they prevent sweat from pooling in the most awkward of places.

3) Bralette’s are sexy

For this summer season, you might want to wear tops with low armholes. Since your bra is going to be seen from both sides, it can be a good idea to wear a cute  Bralette underneath. Choose one with a shocking color, a nice band, or multiple straps. Select a style with maximum coverage as side boobs do not look good in real life.

Bra lette

4) Love lace

The sultry days of summer will make your boobs sweat like crazy. Lace will give you a light and airy feeling and make you look sexy.