If you are someone who is looking for an answer to all those endless discussions on whether it is advisable to wear a bra to bed or not, then you are to the right place. It wasn’t really confusing in the earlier days, was it? With the evolution of social media, a lot of conceptions are made and women are forced to believe them without considering whether those are true or not. While some of them feel a sense of incompleteness to keep their bra off, the rest prefer to sleep braless. Though it purely depends on every woman’s individual choice, there are a few undeniable points to be kept in mind while sleeping with a bra on.

Sleeping Time Dailywear Bra

  • Bras with wired cups tend to cause a slight discomfort while sleep and hence go in for a non-underwired bra to experience the ultimate night relaxation.
  • A lightweight bra in breathable fabric avoids sweat accumulation and enhances good air circulation for your skin.
  • Adjust your shoulder straps such that they don’t dig into the skin. Digging straps are not a good sign of bra fit during the day time as well.


“Does wearing a bra at night help prevent sagging?”

It is important to first understand the concept of bust sagging. There are several other reasons that lead to loosened up breast tissues such as recent weight loss, pregnancy or due to old age. While these changes are irreversible, a bra can still provide good support while your sleep movements. During a survey, it was found that most plus sized women opt to keep their bra on to handle the heaviness of the breasts.

“Is breast growth restricted by keeping on your bra all the time?”

This is a complete myth because a woman’s breast development is in no way concerned with the amount of time a bra is worn. Hormones and genes are the biological factors involved in how body tissues grow. To maintain breast health, wearing the right sized inner and washing it regularly is what matters the most.

“Are bras good for feeding mothers during the night?”


The Internet has a lot of articles and ways on how to provide the best nursing experience to your baby. With the growing techniques and new innovations in tailoring special clothes and inners for mothers during the maternity period, the choices are plenty to ease the experience of motherhood. A woman’s bust size tends to increase considerably during the period of pregnancy and thereafter. If you feel that wearing a bra at night might reduce the comfort of feeding to your little one, a soft padded nursing bra comes to the rescue. Sometimes not wearing a bra at night might leave you in discomfort caused by leakage. The flexible front-open flaps help in achieving easy access and trouble-free feeding at any time of the night.



If you still believe that sleeping on with a bra is not your cup of tea, here are a few hacks that will help you carry it with utmost ease during your peaceful sleep time. The hassle of hooks during your twists and turns on the bed can be best avoided with a soft slip-on bra. This will help you encounter half the problems you deal with poky back closures. Similarly, pick on a light-shaded delicate fabric nightdress to have a restful and untroubled lounging night.