There are somethings that we take for granted. We all think that by just slipping on a pair of undies we are safe and protecting our down under. But there is more to wearing than just having to slip it on. The fact remains that the wrong style of underwear, the wrong fabric or the wrong type for the wrong purpose can cause serious health problems.

There are a few basic rules that every woman should live by with regard to their underwear that ensures the infections and other damage keeps away :

1) Cotton is the best


Cotton is the best fabric for the skin. Its natural fibers keep you fresh and wicks all the moisture from the skin, discouraging the growth of yeast and other bacteria that often cause infections.

The other good quality about cotton is that it lets your skin breathe. It allows the flow of air through its fibers that helps you reduce discomfort if worn for long periods of time.

Save the synthetic fabric underwear for special occasions. Cotton panties are the best to workout in, but just remember to change them if you get sweaty.

2) Think before you wear a thong

Think Before you wear Thong


As sexy as it maybe to sport a thong , the natural design of the thong encourages the transmission or spread of E-coli bacteria to be passed through to the vagina.

It is an absolute ‘no-no’ to wear them while working out as friction caused in movement can cause UTI’s and other infections.

3) Going commando

It is a personal choice whether one wants to wear underwear or not. But personally and based on certain expert views, it is recommended to wear underwear in light and breathable fabrics.

The moisture in the vagina has no where to go in the absence of a moisture wicking fabric. So unless you want to increase your chances of a yeast infection, its best to stay covered. And yes make sure you change damp, moist or sweaty undies to dry ones to be on the safer side at all times.

4) The right fit

Right FitYou might want to stuff in all that extra flat and fat into that itsy bitsy piece of lingerie, but trust me when I say that underwear should be of the right size.

Too tight underwear causes chaffing of the skin, puckering etc… and can irritate the skin, especially during menopause.

5) Shapewear underpants is not underwear



Shapewear has been created and crafted to give you a perfect silhouette when you wear tricky sexy outfits. It is not mean to be worn on a daily basis.

Shapewear that cinch the waist and butt have serious health complications as they affect the blood circulation and even impair the nerves.

So use shapewear sparingly, only if it’s absolutely necessary, when you can’t do without it.

6) Wash

Wash and Care

Never forget to change your underwear every other day or even daily, if possible. It might not seem like a big deal now.

You do not want to learn it the hard way, after contracting a UTI. Wash your intimates using gentle skin friendly detergent. Never use bleach, as these chemicals react negatively with fibers of the underwear and your skin as well.


Now that you know of the basics when it comes to health and hygiene of your down under, it’s up to you follow it. So choose to cover up with something that feels great to your skin, whether its boy shorts , briefs or even a pack of lace lovelies.