Hi, Seems like you are a first time mom searching for a magical tool helping you wear out the sagging tummy muscles and letting it vanish gaseous in the air. Indeed you don’t need a magical stick for that, neither a genie. Step to shyaway shapewear’s portal to get the best pictures and deeds on shape wear of your choice.


First delivery causes sagging of your tummy muscles. So it is always recommended to use a Shapewear to protect your tummy shape. On a longer run, a good shapewear will help you regain your shape post delivery. Being a nursing mother you will always be busy with your new born redeeming hardly a single moment to pamper yourself. Forget the case of shopping and choosing innerwears of your choice from an outside mall.

Tummy shapewearThis is when you understand how blessed you are for being living in the era of online apparel shopping. Go to shyaway.com. Select your favorite shapewear’s from the website. You will be having doubts on what measure you exactly need. Isn’t it?

Follow these steps :

Size Chart

1. Go to the size chart displayed on the image.

2. Measure your current tummy size with a good tape.

3. Now compare it with the measurement shown in the window.

If you still have doubts you can very well call  buddies at Shyaway. They will assist you on the best fits. Enjoy motherhood; forget about your belly using Tummy Shaper! J