Cleaning lace lingerie is a puzzling task. If not given enough care and supervision, lace fabrics wash may end up culpable. A luxurious lace lingerie bra can be washed in every two use while panties can be mildly washed after each use, for the sake of hygiene.

How to wash lace bras

First of all, you should be thorough with the tag instructions attached to the expensive lingerie. It gives a clear cut idea of what suits that particular garment. Each garment is unique as there would be different mixture of fabric attached to a single piece of apparel.

Wash lace bras


For example, a single bra will contain spandex, satin, lace and cotton embodied in its different parts. As the creator alone is aware of the pertinent mode of its offspring and its do’s and don’ts, it is always healthy to follow the instruction given in the tag.

Go ahead with these general tips.

The hooks and strings attached to bras often turn villain to the beautiful, vulnerable, lace fabric. So an extra care has to be taken while washing bras.

Always use cold water and mild, natural detergents for washing lingerie.

Cold water

To avoid tangling while hand washing lingerie, pin it in a piece of clean, white cotton cloth. Then rinse it gently in water. This is to avoid the hooks being trapped in the lace and thus destroying the whole piece.

If machine wash is recommended in the tag you can wash the bras in washing machine, but only with the help of laundry bags. Laundry bags are widely available in the market and you can shop it through online too. The laundry bags act as a protective cover which nests your dearies without getting tumbled and torn. But one has to be careful about the other clothes which are put for washing along with this as there are chances of color from other clothes getting sprayed in this.

Machine wash

Washing Lace Panties

Lace panties too require the same care and concern. Laundry bags are advised for lace panties also as metal stuffs from other clothes can endanger them. Mild, anti- bacterial detergent will help their way out in cleansing the undies. While drying lingerie hang them on hangers or rods without squishing too harshly to make sure that they get dried uniquely. In case of urgency, hair dryers will play a good job in drying these apparels.

washing panties

The more you care, the more lingerie last.