Cleaning blood stain from panties turn to be the most hectic job ever! Even a mere thought of the pain, discomfort and body odor will make you worn out as you approach menstrual periods. Adding on to your fury will be the tedious job of rubbing off the blood stains that besmirch your favorite panty besides your repudiation.

These days you feel that panties and stains are the best pals, and this camaraderie will be the most irking of all combos which will incense your entire labile mood. You simply can’t take a sight of the pathetically stained, expensive lingerie and here you are, screaming your head off!

Getting stained is inevitable, especially if your undies are star crossed. So to be cool and handle the stains with patience is the only matter left.

Now, try these steps to clean and sanitise your undergarments :

1. Mix hydrogen peroxide in tub of cold water.
2. Soak the undies in it for half an hour.
3. The stains should have cleared by itself by this time
4. If not, rub it gently with a brush.

steps to clean and sanitise your undergarments
5. Rinse it in cool water.
6. Dry it on a hanger.

Dry it on a hanger.

Some of us believe that removing stains will be easier if rinsed with hot water. But that is nothing more than a fallacy. Your expensive lingerie has to be pampered and treated gently because of which you are advised to use cool water, both for washing and rinsing. Blood is composed of protein and pigment (hemoglobin). Henceforth, using hot water will change its properties and make it more difficult to be removed.

Imagine yourself as a camper, left with few gadgets to clean anything lavishly. You just have to try this now.

Mix aspirin pills and water to make it a paste and apply it on the stains. Rub it gently. The stains will get removed easily.


Using baking soda will also be tactful if you are deprived of hydrogen peroxide.

Never use fabric softeners on panties

Fabric softener, while making your t-shirts teddy bear soft, is a nightmare for nylon and polyester based microfiber fabrics. The softening agents and added fragrance wreak havoc on the knit and can leave residue. Since microfiber is already silky soft, there’s no need for this extra step. More over the fabric softeners tend to cling on the pores of these fabrics making them less breathable and clammier because the moisture will stay inside, near to your skin leading to fungal infections.

Fabric softner