Fashion trends are now more confusing than ever with leggings are worn as pants, flip flops worn with any outfit and many more… Believe it or not but track pants can be worn outside your gym and home stylishly.

In the past tracks were used only to work out and no one would want to be caught with them outside the gym. But owing to the comfort of the track, people are sporting them outside and beyond the gym or home to take on a modern, fresh and forward Fashion sense.

Now that you can wear them anytime and anywhere, here are a few tip to help you carry off the new trend :

1) Crop Top

Crop-TopsCelebs have lately been sporting crop tops with track pants in this fashion trends. Team it up with strappy sandals or heels and a fancy clutch and you’re ready to look like a ultra-glam sporty gal.

2) Sweaters and sweatshirts

sweaters and sweat shirts



The ultimate comfy look of tracks will be complete if you pair them with attractive sweats. You can stick to the classic basic bold colors, but if you are brave then a pretty patterned one can bring an edge to your look.


3) Footwear

footwearPair tracks with slinky and sexy footwear. Sandals, heels, pumps and other pretty and dainty footwear go well. Never opt for heavy and clunky footwear, as they get lost with the outfit itself.

4) Flashes of color and print

Add a feminine touch to this boyish garment by throwing on flashes of feminine color, mostly pink or purple in the form of a scarf, clutch, sandals or any other accessory you can think of.

5) Shirt and t-shirts



While pairing tracks with shirts and t-shirts the length becomes critical. If you have a big bottom then you can choose to wear the short ort-shirt at a length that covers your butt.

The best way to show off your hourglass figure is by tucking in your shirt and t-shirt, where even the elastic waistband also is revealed and looks chic.

6) Formal

formalsThis is a hard look to pull off. You need to get the right kind of tracks to get a professional look.

Workout leggings or those that come with a tapered fit can be easily transformed into work wear. Shirts are best bet to complete the formal look. Choose shirts that cover your butt, else you can pair your tracks with a tucked in shirt with a blazer throw over it.

7) Length




Do not allow the length of the tracks to be so long that it folds or drapes. Instead get one that fits at the ankle. You can even get elastic fitted at the hemlines so that they hit just at the ankle.


The key to rock this trend is to experiment a little with a twist of your own personal style, feel confident and keep it simple.