Lingerie needs special care and treatment for longer shell life. Average shell life of bras and panties is considered to be 6 months. It is recommended that you measure you size every 6 months since the measurement varies according to hormonal changes in the body.

All through its life, the lingerie needs to be fully pampered and cared to serve you better.

Tags are important

Never ever disparage the importance of tags attached to your lingerie. They give you information regarding its usage and care.


  • Choose to hand wash your lingerie unless machine wash is recommended in the tag.
  •  It should not be soaked for more than half an hour.
  •  Use cold or Luke warm water for washing.
  •  Avoid using alcoholic detergents. Mild detergents or baby shampoo is recommended for cleansing bras and panties.
  • If the fabric is heavily stained, gently rub the stained parts with a brush and wash it lightly.
  •  Before going for washing remove any detachable pieces of metals and hooks attached to it since that may ruin the fabric.
  •  Don’t mix light and dark colored lingerie together in the same tub.
  •  Padded bras and under wires should be washed without much of tumble to avoid misshapement.
  • It is always advisable to wash the new lingerie set before wearing it for the first time, for health reasons.


  • Always hang the bras to dry.
  • Never spread them on flat surface to dry as the part beneath will stay wet for a long time which infuses fungal growth.
  • Do not put clips on the center of the bra (especially padded bras) since that may leave them imprinted.


If possible store your lingerie in their original shapes. Do not crush or fold them. Bra bags are available in shyaway which helps bras to be stored in their original shape.