Summer is on its peak and everyone on the verge of vacationing! This season, beaches are your favorite locations and swim suits, minis and macros on a race! But we usually tend to shy away from the skin showing dresses if we lack the confidence of exposing the legs and other body parts if our skin is really bad.

In this blog, emphasis is given to legs because they are the ones often bound to be exposed more than any other body parts, especially in this hot weather cut-offs. Pedicure and wax your legs to beautify them and here is how it goes.


Skin care and body care is definitely not a day’s routine, but has to be practiced regularly, top listing your daily routine chart. Of course, a good leg is always healthy, without any junks of fat protruding or sagging. That can be attained only through proper diet and exercise. Well, don’t get upset if you feel that your legs are the kind that I explained before. Once you finish reading this article I ‘am sure, you are gonna hit the treadmill again!

Woman walking on the beach at sunset

Remove hair from the legs regularly

Hair removal is the most primary thing you need to do to attain sexy legs. You will feel astonished to find neat, fair legs after hair removal is done. It gives a feeling of cleanliness and you feel refreshed. Hair removal done means that 50% of the work is done.


You can remove the extra hair in your legs either by waxing or shaving. Waxing, will give you better results than shaving because it plucks hair from its root giving more alluring tone to your skin. Chemical waxing can be done by yourself or with the help of a beautician. Waxing can also be done using sugar and some sheer products which lie in your kitchen. That’s called Sugar waxing!!

Sugar waxing


Pedicure is a procedure to beautify your toes. Most of us wish to pedicure from a spa or saloon, but if you have enough time, you can be the beauty artist of your own legs. You can

Follow these simple steps to pedicure :

Step 1 :  Dip your toes in luke-warm soapy water into which a slice of lemon and a pinch of salt is added, for about 10 minutes.

Dip in Lemon water

Step 2 : After taking your toes out, rub it gently with pumice stone. Let the dead cells get ripped off by the effect of rubbing.

Pumice stone

Step 3:  Dry your skin, using a clean towel and massage your toes (and legs) with sesame, sandalwood or jojoba oil. Massaging, as you know, improves blood circulation, which feeds your cells and there by tones your skin.

 Massage your toes

Step 4 : Cut and then polish your nails according to your choice.

Cut nails and  polish

Leg make up

Once you help your legs with these beauty tricks, you can make-up the legs as you do your face to step out into a sultry weather.

Though it is not advised to use sunscreen lotions immediately after waxing, you can use them as a first step of making up your legs, before stepping out.

leg make up

Moisturiser legs with adequate quantity according to the skin condition. Dry skin dudes need to spend more time with moisturising lotions compared to others. Skin indeed, thrives for water, and so these lotions can nail the dismount leaving the skin smooth and glazy.

Now camouflage the scars, marks, acnes and spider veins with BB creams. BB (Blemish Balm/ Blemish Base) creams are more like foundation creams which lighten your skin color. They them self contain a little bit of moisturiser and toner in it, an added advantage.

If you desire, mask your leg finally with bronzing powder which will give a sheer shine and color to your legs. Now you are done. Decorate your toes with pretty shoes. Go for good tattoos on the thighs or calf to extrapolate more!

Writtern by Sreeja Prashanth