Getting caught with a Visible Panty Line (VPL)  might not seem like a big deal to some people but among the fashionable elite and conscious, it is a crime worth being punished for.It might not pose a problem to those who wear thick fabrics. But for those who wear thin and slinky fabrics, it is always something women worry about. They rather be dead that caught with this major fashion faux pas.

Panties peeking outVisible panty Lines are not at all glamorous and can ruin the look of even the sexiest outfit. It does not look nice to see ones panties peeking out from ones bottom.

Unless you are brave enough to go commando, there a few ways you can keep your undies hidden. VPL can occur due to wearing the wrong size panty or the wrong fabric of panties or even due to the finish of the undergarment.

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VPL situations arise for every woman out there and it is not that hard to avoid once you learn how to.

Here’s how we can avoid those pesky visible panty lines from being visible :

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Fabric : Choose fabrics that are less likely to showcase your visible panty line. Wear panties made of Lycra, thin cotton or Spandex.

Finish : The hemlines make all the difference. Wear panties with a seamless finish. Thick folds, large stitches etc…

Fit : Make sure your panties fit properly and not hang loose and bunch up together.

Fitting of clothes : When you wear tight fitting clothes it goes without saying that it will bring out the VPL.  So if you have to wear tight clothing switch on over to thongs or even consider going commando.

Color : Do not wear contrast colored panties. Wearing a bright color panty under white pants is sure to draw attention to your panties. Stick to nudes as they are your safest bet in terms of visibility.

Thongs or boy shorts : Most professionals suggest the use of thongs or G-strings as they hide in between or butt cheeks.

But for those who do not like exposed butt cheeks, a more comfortable option is the Boy-shorts, a shorts version of panty where the ends of the panty move below the butt cheeks making it less visible.

Shapewear : If you want to kill to targets with one bullet then shape wear is your savior. Not only will it make you look slimmer and lend you a slender silhouette but it will also give you a smooth and seamless finish minus the visible panty lines.

So before you head out the door, do not forget to check your rear in the mirror or even ask someone around at home. It is better to recheck than have you show off your VPL all over town.

We all suffer from styling issues and the best way to move on without embarrassment is to work with what we have got and disguise the weak points. In my opinion, we should wear just wear the right size, switch over to thongs or no show garments or just go commando, whichever gives you the utmost comfort and a flawless look.

Sometimes you just have to invest in the right pieces to bid farewell to your VPL. Happy shopping!