Of all the pleasure and happiness of travelling, there comes a moment in the travel episodes, when you turn thinking that why you stuffed so many of things in your back pack. Since, as a woman, it is hard to pack light, as we are totally blind of what would be needed on the middle of a long tour, there are a tips on what to avoid carrying it perpetually light. Here is content on what might be the right number of bras to pack while travelling. Yes, that’s surely going to give you some extra space in your back pack.

Travelling bras


Here are few things you should consider:

Let’s start off with “How many times should you wear one bra before washing?”
It is still on debate whether it is perfectly okay to wear a bra two to three times before washing. Essentially, it depends on the weather of the places that you are moving around. Though it is okay to wear bras a few times before getting washed in colder climates, travelling in the summer or to a hot and humid destination, and wearing it more than once without washing isn’t going to be healthy.

Bras travelling
The Next question that calls for is: “What Garments are you packing?”
Well, this is an easy one. Be clever enough to pack bras that can be worn under most of the outfits that you are carrying. Pack styles (T-shirt bras and bras with convertible straps are the best) and colours (nudes and blacks are must) that can easily be worn under different outfits.

Travelling bras
Question yourself: “What type of activities you plan to do?”

Travelling bras
If you’re planning some heavy and tiresome activities apart from just sightseeing, it might be a brilliant idea to pack a sports bra or lots of such activities also means you may have to pack a couple of extra bras since you’ll have to wash them very often. A sports bra is a must to have as backup as in many cases, some unexpected “bumpy” rides or a workout session comes in your journey.

Travelling bras
That’s about it, lady. Pack three or four bras while travelling which should allow you enough time to wash and reuse them without any hassles. Hope you can shed off some weight and carry light the next time! Bon voyage!