The backbone of a good lingerie wardrobe is its bra collection. She has to have a bra for every occasion, to go with every outfit, color etc…As much as women wish that they could fill their drawers with countless bras. The reality of how many they can afford comes into play.

As much as they like to spoil themselves, reality checks in and they have to make a check list of the must-have in their drawer. Just like the fact that one size does not fit all, all styles of bras cannot be used for every aspect of life.

There are a million questions you have to ask yourself before you determine how many bras that you must own. For example: Do you mainly wear t-shirts? How many times a week do you dine out in dresses? Etc…

Basically a woman needs bras for the following :

– Everyday normal use

– Working out

– Cold weather

– Date night

– Lounging at home

– Work

– Special Occasions

– Nursing or maternity bras (if applicable)

Additionally to these there are a few more bras designed for special needs.

1. Everyday bras

Everyday bra

This is a bra that you spend between 8-20 hours a day and so comfort and durability are of prime importance.

First and foremost you  need a minimum of 3 everyday bras (with at least one nude and one black) so that you can use them on a rotational basis and give the elastic time to rest in between so as not to cause too much wear and tear.

Everyday styles usually include molded, non-padded, non-wired and t-shirt styled bras.

2. Sports bras

Sports bra


The number of sports bra that you need depends on the number of hours you work out in a week.

If you work out for several days in a week then you need more than one unless you have the habit of doing your laundry daily. Plus using the same sports bra daily will wear it out.


3. Strapless multi-way or adhesive bras

Strapless Bra

If you love wearing strappy off shoulder dresses or backless ones then it might be a good idea to invest in a good strapless , multi-way or adhesive bra. Visible straps in such slinky outfits are a big “No-No”. Choose pieces that offer grip, wide side panels or wire so that the bra holds your bust up.

4. Special Occasion, Date night or fun bras

Special bras


Every woman likes to have fun once in a while and feel pampered. You do not need many of these since you do not wear them on a daily basis, unless you want to be spoilt for options.

Go in for special features and styles that include seamless ,under-wired , push-up and other special options. Fun and sexy looks can boast of fun prints, lace, bold colors and much more.

Slip on one of these when you want to feel like a goddess all day.

Additional Bra Shopping Tips :

1)    Expand wardrobe possibilities by opting for two-in-one bra styles.

2)    Note the number of times you change and launder your bras so that you can keep track of how many you really need.

3)    Invest more on the bras that you use on a daily basis as they support your bust for longer hours.

4)    Follow the Label- Care of the bra to increase the life of the bra.

With a rough calculation, on an average, if you work 5 days a week, workout five days in a week and lead a decent social life then a women should possess around 8-12 bras in her wardrobe.

Do not underestimate the importance of a bra. The right support and comfort can make a lot of difference in your life.

So stock up on the bras that you find missing in this must-have check list.