Impure blood from all parts of the body is sent to the heart where it gets purified, by veins. Our veins do this for us, for an entire lifetime. Out of the entire class of veins, those working for our legs keep their nose to the grind stone because of working against the gravitational pull. At times, they get lethargic, I mean, they weaken, causing blood to clot in the region thus making them appear more larger with twists.

Varicose veins may remain in sleeping mode for long period without causing much disturbances. But in some cases, if not treated properly, they may cause pain, bursting of veins and ulcers. So it is better to soothe the problem than aggravating it.

Varicose veins

Compression Stockings and Pantyhose help compressing varicose vein

In mild varicose vein, compression stockings help to prevent worsening of the problem to a certain extent. Users of tight stocking say that they have found it to be good in depressing pain. Some doctors prescribe compression stocking to their patients to improve blood circulation. The compression stockings are most tight in the ankles, loosening towards the knee and thigh, preparing the blood to flow in its natural course.


Pregnancy varicose vein : Albeit pregnancy is sweet per se, health complications are the other side of the coin, and one amongst that is varicose vein. Enlarged belly, weakened tissues… all these leads to the development of varicose vein in some pregnant women. Surgery for varicose vein in pregnant women will be a distant option as that may be hazardous to the developing infant. So the only solution left will be to use stockings or pantyhose. Different pantyhose varieties are available for pregnant women in the market. Wearing pantyhose during night reduces the degree of Varicose vein and Charlie horse which is common among the expecting mothers.

Pregnancy Veins

Length of the stockings

There are two types of lengths available in the market: knee length and thigh length. In most cases, knee length stockings are used but if the varicose vein is above knee level, we go for thigh level stockings.

Stocking types

Where to shop

Compression stockings and pantyhose can be purchased online. There is humpty number of sites which can initiate you in purchasing hosiery online.

If you are a regular user of pantyhose or stockings, it is necessary to have at least two pairs, because after each use the products are supposed be washed in mild detergent and dried neatly before the next. Most stocking will last 3 to 4 months before losing their initial strength.

Online shopping

As it is always good to be in a safer side, you should consult a doctor and take opinion; especially the lovely women who are expecting. As we all know, Health is wealth!