The bra what we are using  was most important rather than that it should fit for us, but  most of us don’t even realize that our bras do or do not fit us right or not .

Here are a few telltale signs that your bra needs to be changed :

1. The band rides up the back

ridesupWhen your bras band rides up at the back, your breasts in the front will sag or fall. Ensure that your band lies straight and firmly on your rib cage.

2. The cups are loose even after scooping your breasts in properly

cup loose



When you initially wear a bra, it is bound to feel a little loose in the cup area. When you scoop your breasts, including the fat at the sides on the base of your armpit in the bra and it still feels loose then you should consider going in for another bra.


3. Your breasts are spilling out of the top of the bra

breast spilling outWhen the cup size is too small the breasts are forced to rest at the tip of the cups. If the band is resting correctly on the rib cage but your breasts are still spilling out then it’s not the bra size but the cup size that needs a change.

4. The straps dig into your shoulders

straps dig



If your straps are cutting into your flesh then there are only two possibilities. Either you have got your straps on too tight or alternative you are using a bra with a loose band. If two fingers can pass through your strap then the culprit is the band size that is too big for your bust.

5. Gap between the bra and the breastbone

gap between

If the base of your bra, especially in the front does not lie on the skin or that is the breast bone then it is likely that your bra is smaller than it should be.

6. The swell of your breasts spill out from under the armpit

When the cups of your bra are a size smaller than you’re actual breasts then they tend to spill out from over the top or the sides.

The other reason why your breasts are falling out of the sides could be that the style of the bra is not meant for you and that you need to one that has a deeper cut in the front to keep all the breast tissue in the front.

So get out there and follow these pointers so that you get the correct bra , because the correct bra can do more than just lift your bust. A perfect bra will boost your confidence and show off your silhouette in a flattering light.