While most men wouldn’t go past the idea of giving their loved one a piece of jewelry, flowers or etc, the more daring ones want to surprise them with an unforgettable luxury lingerie to make them feel beautiful.

The fact remains that men are too intimidated to consider buying lingerie. Even if they think of it, it takes them a while to muster enough courage to step into a lingerie boutique.

Men need not worry anymore as shyaway can help them shop for lingerie online in the convenience of their own homes. So all you men out there, don’t be shy, it’s just you, your system and your card that will help you get your hands on exquisite lingerie for the lady in your life.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the right piece of lingerie for her :

1. Know her size

Know her sizeThe essence to buying lingerie is to get the fit right. You can as her friend or work like a detective and take a peek into her lingerie drawer.

2. Style

There are a million styles out there so this can becomes a little intimidating for a man. Check out a lingerie glossary before you start shopping.

Find out what kind of lingerie she likes. Notice what kind of lingerie she saves to wear for special occasions and you can surprise her with the same.

If you are not too sure about her size or her choice of style then you can play it safe and go in for baby dolls, robes , chemise and even silky smooth or lacy nightwear.

3. Do not be cheap



You might think that spending thousands on a tiny little piece of fabric is ridiculous. You are actually paying for the fine fabric, craftsmanship, detailing and much more.

Not to forget that you are also paying for her to feel beautiful, sexy and confident wearing it. Now you can’t put a price tag on that!

-You don’t have to spend a fortune but do not be cheap. You will get a decent pair without burning a hole in your pocket.

4. Keep it classy

Unless you want to be naughty it might be a good idea to stick to classic lingerie without too much of skin show, lace or sheer. Too much of peek-a-boo is not comfortable to be worn regularly on a daily basis.

5. Do not be afraid to ask for help

HelpIf you still have doubts after all the literature you have read on buying the perfect piece of lingerie then you should not hesitate and call the helpline.

Specialists will help you pick out the right one for you. You might feel a little awkward but you will get best advice in terms of style and fitting.

6. Wrapped up

Wrapped up


After going through all the efforts of buying something special, you need to worry about the presentation too.

Women love pretty packages, especially those that come in dainty little boxes with bows. At Shyaway.com they will gift wrap your special gifts too.


7. Returns are not the end of the world


Do not take it to heart if you loved one wants to return what you have bought. I’m sure she appreciates the gesture and in fact proud that you attempted to buy her something so intimate.

Maybe it’s just something she won’t wear. Never take it personally.

Lingerie makes a lovely thoughtful gift for that special lovely woman. So be brave and start shopping on www.shyaway.com