Gifting lingerie is a difficult task, especially if it is for that special lady in your life. The type of lingerie you buy and gift her depends on her style and personality.

It is hard to draw the line between functional, sweet looking and sexy raunchy pieces of lingerie. It might seem a little intimidating to gift your lady lingerie if you haven’t gifted it to her before. But not to worry as lingerie is said to be the most intimate and special gift a lady can receive.

But if you are that conscious about her reaction then you might want to other presents that you are buying her. You have to buy her lingerie that she actually will love to wear. So the right lingerie becomes all about determining her personality.

1. Hot and Fun Girlfriend

Funny camisoleIf your lady is hot and sexy and she is bold in her dressing then sexy lace pieces are what she will love.

If she takes risque in her dressing then she will be more than willing to experiment underneath. Buy her a corset or camisole  so that she can show off her curves.

2. Sexy and seductive girlfriend

 seductive set


If you girlfriend is confident of being in her skin and has a seductive quality about her then bring out her naughty and sensual side by buying her a three piece or two piece seductive set that will make her sizzle in the bedroom.



3. Cute and playful girlfriend

Babydoll typeIf she loves wearing classic outfits and carries herself with grace all the time then the cuteness should only be amped. A proper girlie piece of lingerie is a baby doll that is short and sexy. It will be tight near her bust and flow downwards.

4. Next door neighbor girlfriend




If your girlfriend is a sweet innocent nice girl that doesn’t step out of the line then you will have to go with the classics. Get her a robe made in silk or you can play it safe and get her a bra bag to store her lingerie.


5. Sporty girlfriend

sportyIf your girlfriend loves being part of the ‘gang’ and loves no fussy outfits then she falls under the sporty category. She loves the outdoors and does might a bit of sweat or physical activity.

Take her for a trek and she will be ecstatic. For sporty girls you can opt to buy her sports bras , tracks or even a pajama set. Basically anything that is comfortable and doesn’t restrict her freedom.


Remember that no matter what lingerie you gift her there is no guarantee that she will wear it. But love know no boundaries so if you know that your lady love would love to receive lingerie follow these above guidelines to buy her that special Valentine’s day gift and make it a memorable one.