Gift your friend the best lingerie available, express your concern for her and make this friendship day an ever memorable event! As it occurs every time, you will be strangled with thoughts of what to gift and what not to…


 Shyaway has this solution for you- Gift her sexy pair of intimate wears and accessories related to it.


Sexy Lacy Bras: Sexy lacy bras from shyaway are something that can be highly sexy that no one could resist happily hugging.


Sexy Lacy Panties: Lace panties, made from the synthetic stuffs with cotton crotch can be of no dislike to any one; you simply have to keep it mind that it is you and only you who can gift her most private stuffs that suits her body.

lace panties

Baby Dolls: Baby Dolls are for your newly married gal pals. Letting them excavate the new sensations in the private moments are a matter of pride.

baby dolls

Bra Bags: The awesome bras need bra bags to keep them safe with no tangling. When you gift bras, do not forget them these great products too.


Hand Bags: Hand bags from Shyle can be the best choice of gift for your friend. Hand bag displays your vanity; so it is to be borne in mind that they should be highly trendy.

hand bag

Hosiery: Hosiery make another choice of surprise for your friends. When it is hard for your friend to purchase some class hosieries from brick and mortar shops in the visibility, gifting her with a grand item which she always wished to owe can show your love and concern for her.


Don’t you think that your beautiful friend deserve something that is too awesome that makes her jaw drop? Don’t you really feel like witnessing her Cry of joy?